Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipsticks Review and Swatches


A few months back the iconic makeup artist must have brand Make Up For Ever did something that seems to be the theme of 2016: they relaunched their entire lipstick range. Always known as richly pigment in anything they do, the brand decided to up their game even more and create the Artist Rouge Lipsticks with 25% more pigment than they did previously! I was lucky enough to try some out, and have some thoughts on the new formula (and perhaps a small warning!).


When it comes to testing beauty products I always like to go through the “Three P’s” as I call it: Packaging, Pigment/Payoff and Performance:


Make Up For Ever loves to do simple, minimalist packaging – sometimes almost bordering on boring. While the brand was originally created for makeup artist, it’s now sold in Sephora’s and bought by consumers who want their lipstick to look pretty in their handbag. I’m happy to see they definitely improved the packaging over the old lipstick line with the satin black and brushed silver tubes.



No surprise here that with a claim of 25% more pigment, the Artist Rouge Lipsticks most definitely deliver, but the question is – do they pack too much of a punch? If you take a look at the swatches below you will see the staining on my arm. This staining occurred within in minutes of swatching the three shades and last through several makeup wipes, dedicated makeup remover and a hot shower! Now for a nude shade, that might not be as noticeable, but some of the deep shades or brights like the black, green and blue, that might be a problem you don’t want to deal with.



I tried several shades and all applied smoothly, evenly and had opaque coverage. If you’re looking for a sheer glossy lip, the Artist Rouges aren’t the ones for you; They only come in two finishes: Cream and Matte, and I would call the cream more of a satin or demi-matte personally.

I found these wore relatively comfortable but would have preferred  a tad more creaminess in the formula. I have extremely dry lips, so I always lean towards something a bit more hydrating. Both the Matte and Cream formulas wear well in terms of time, but the Matte are definitely a flat, “retro matte” finish which tends to last longer, but is possibly not the most forgiving.


The Swatches & Shade Range

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipsticks

I’m thrilled to see such an inclusive shade range from Make Up For Ever. I found their previous lipstick range to be heavily red based and unbalanced. There are an incredible range of nudes and neutrals here, and more importantly suitable for all skin tones. There are also some really unique colours like a periwinkle blue, mint green and snow white, which might seem odd to a regular consumer but a dream to have as a makeup artist!

I’d love to see some more hydrating finishes from Make Up For Ever, but I can see why these have been a hit in terms of colour selection. Just remember that if you choose a colour deeper or significantly different than your skin tone, they will probably stain!!


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