August Beauty Wishlist
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August 2017 Beauty Wishlist

August Beauty Wishlist

Life has been all sorts of busy lately. Preparing for baby means my office space will soon be nursery space. This also means I haven’t splurged much on beauty products because turns out buying baby crap is expensive! (But so friggin cute. I almost can’t handle it!). So let’s just say there’s been plenty of window shopping lately; Here’s what’s on my most recent beauty wishlist.

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1. Make Up For Ever Custom Artist Face Color PalettesSephora

One of the major drawbacks of face palettes is that there always seems to be at least one shade that you never use. Sometimes it’s a contour that’s too warm, a highlight that’s too pink or a blush that just doesn’t suit you. Make Up For Ever are the masters of diversity when it comes to shade range and I love that they are once again giving the consumer the chance to choose. These powders come in shades of highlighter, sculpt and blush. You can purchase in singles, or create duos and trios for your own bespoke palette!


2. Lilah B Virtuous Veil Concealer and Eye PrimerSephora

My friend Katie/MrsLanglam has raved about this and I’ve come to trust her recommendations whole heartedly. I am one of the lucky ones that have quite dark, tired looking eye lids, so when I choose a primer, one that can neutralize and cancel that out is a must. I love that this primes for long lasting shadow, but also conceals discolouration.


3. Tatcha Violet C Radiance MaskSephora

Anything that says it will hydrate, exfoliate and boost radiance in 15-20 minutes is automatically on the list these days! I have dry skin that looks quite dull easily. Adding that in with the exhaustion of pregnancy and a heat wave equals less that beautiful skin. Plus have you seen the gorgeous violet colour?


4. Urban Decay Shapeshifter PaletteSephora 

Urban Decay was SO smart with the design of this palette. Contouring, highlighting and correcting in both cream and powder form all in one palette! Even better is the actual design of the packaging which separates the two different formulas so that you don’t get powder in your cream (why of why don’t more brands do this??). Taking it even another step further? This palette isn’t a one-skin-tone-suits-all and comes in Light-Medium and Medium-Dark.

August Beauty Wishlist 2017

5. Marc Jacobs Eye-Con Multi-Finish Eye Shadow Palette in Scandalust Sephora 

I was a fan of the original MJ Eye-Con Palettes, and am thrilled they’ve released new versions! Naturally, the warm peach, copper, rust and raspberry of this palette speaks to me. There are some great neutral, cool and gem toned options as well!


6. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Brilliant NudeSephora

Originally when I saw the new shade launches for these blushes (which I love already!) I wasn’t won over by any one shade. Then I kept hearing more and more raves about Brilliant Nude. It applies as a peachy amber neutral and it sounds like the perfect go-with-everything-neutral-blush! I already know I love this formula, so if I were to expand my collection, this would be the shade on my list!


7. Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze and Glow MaskCharlotte Tilbury

You guys know how much I love multitasking products. One of my all time favourite ways to moisturize is a mask I can wear overnight. So combining that with a self-tanner that leaves my skin radiant and glowing in the morning? Brilliant. Leave it to Charlotte Tilbury to make it easy for us and combine two loved products together!



What’s on your beauty wishlist this month? Have you tried any of the products on mine? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I need that Marc Jacobs palette in my life it’s so gorgeous!!
    I also have a blush from Hourglass in my wishlist, I cannot wait to buy it!

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