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I'm Jaime.
I'm a 30-something, classic rock loving, jeans and t-shirt wearing, makeup obsessed mascara aficionado and first time new mom based out of Vancouver Canada. Girl Loves Gloss was born out of my love for beauty back in 2013, but it's grown to so much more...

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What I’ve Learned Social Distancing | Ways to Spend Time in Quarantine

FRIENDS, IT'S A WILD TIME FOR OUR WORLD. A month ago... hell a couple of weeks ago...I thought this whole Corona Virus/Covid-19 was something that would blow over. It "didn't affect me" and it felt all too safe in my little corner of the world here in Vancouver, Canada.  I was wrong. Turns out this thing is bigger than any of us ever probably expected, or at least hoped, it would ever be. The local hospital 5 minutes away has had to shut their doors to only emergencies due to outbreak, all parks, recreation and non-essential stores have close. It's been hard to not feel like it's all a bit apocalyptic. ... Read More

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The Drugstore Hair Miracle Worker? L’Oreal Wonder Water

CAN YOU GET AMAZING HAIR IN 8 SECONDS? The new L'Oreal 8 Second Wonder Water says yes. Calling itself a Lamellar Rinse Out treatment, it supposedly works in just 8 seconds in the shower. The product claims to give silkier, shinier hair, without any silicones or weighing it down. Apparently, it is suitable for all hair types, which I have to tell you, made me really sceptical. Having fine, thin, straight hair that also suffers from loads of breakage, frizz and general postpartum strife, I wasn't expecting much.... Read More


5 Easy Vegan Vegetarian Recipe Favourites

SOMETIME LAST YEAR, WE STARTED EATING A LOT LESS MEAT. We're not a vegetarian or vegan household, but I feel it's important to incorporate several meatless recipes into our weekly schedule for several reasons. Besides obvious health benefits, it's also friendlier on our budget. We've never been huge red meat eaters, but like the occasional burger or spaghetti bolognese. We eat chicken and seafood and I have no intentions of ever giving up cheese. We're just eating it all a bit less (spare the cheese, because YUM). ... Read More


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Buxom Wanderlust Primer Infused Blush

I'M A BLUSH LOVER. IT'S ALSO THE PRODUCT THAT SEEMS TO DISAPPEAR THE FASTEST ON ME. My skin just seems to eat blush, with many cult classic brands just not cutting it and leaving me blushless by noon. I mean, I just can't have that you know? I look like Mrs Potato Head without the stuff, so give me a rosy cheek that will last!  Buxom Wanderlust Primer Infused Blush is exactly what I look for in a blush; Pigmented, long-lasting, slightly luminous without being sparkly and it even prices in at under $30! I recently purchased my first and then Buxom were kind enough to send over a few more shades, and let's just say, it was love at first blush!... Read More