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I'm Jaime.
I'm a 30-something, classic rock loving, jeans and t-shirt wearing, makeup obsessed mascara aficionado and first time new mom based out of Vancouver Canada.

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Lemon Sparkle Cake

Lemon. Sugar. Need I say more? Chances are good that if you offer up cake in variety to me, I’m going for lemon. (Side note, cake in variety sounds amazing right now, am I right?). I love the bright zing... Read More


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5 Questions We Should Stop Asking New Parents

IS ANY NEW PARENT GOING TO ANSWER "NO" TO THE QUESTION: "IS HE/SHE A GOOD BABY?" When entering parenthood for the first time, there is a gamut of information out there on what to expect (including the somewhat fear-mongering series of books by that very name). You anticipate the sleepless nights and all ours of the day rocking and feeding and changing. One thing you really don't see coming though is the barrage of questions that friends, family and strangers alike ask, simply because you have a baby in your arms. While it mostly comes from a place of well-meaning, these questions can end up being awkward, uncomfortable and sometimes even invasive. ... Read More

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