Pixi Detoxifeye Undereye Patches

Are You Tired? You Might Need These

Pixi Detoxifeye Undereye Patches


Maybe you pulled an allnighter partying (I wish), studying (don’t miss those days!) or because your toddler decided you didn’t need to sleep (nailed it). Regardless of why, you look tired, and you want to not look exhausted asap. Don’t worry friend, I’ve got you covered. 

Pixi Detoxifeye Undereye Patches

Besides that second cup of coffee, a splash of cold water to the face, and multiple promises saying you’re never going to drink again, sometimes you just need a little help. My 16 month old decided this past weekend that she was going to wake up every 45 minutes screaming. Which inevitably led to her in bed with us. Which led to a tiny toddler-sized foot kicking me in the ribs all.night.long. My eyes were so puffy and exhausted the next morning, my phone screen looked like I was peering through a fishbowl to see it. 

I needed to pull out the big guns.





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WHAT ARE THEY: Hydrogel under eye patches that hydrates, plumps, soothes and depuffs. 

INGREDIENTS WORTH NOTING: Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid, plant extracts such as cucumber, blueberry, raspberry, aloe. 

HOW DO I USE THESE THINGS: Use the spatula to scoop one out, and place close to the lash line, pointed side inwards towards your bridge of the nose. Wait for 10 minutes. Pixi also suggests keeping them in your fridge if you like things extra cooling, which sounds glorious. 

THE RESULTS: So in case you couldn’t tell, these magically little eye patches are giving me life right now! They feel super soothing, cooling, and you couldn’t even tell I had barely slept an hour all night. I’ve since used them a few more times and am a bit obsessed with how easy and quick it is to look amazingly rested. My concealer goes on smoother, with less settling into fine lines after using the Detoxifeye patches. 

I also love that they are hydrogel, which molds really well to the skin and then stays on without bunching, lifting or sliding. Let’s face it, if a product like this isn’t easy to use, you’re not going to reach for them. It’s an extra step that I won’t take all the time. Where these really make their impact is on days where you need the extra TLC. Slap them on while you brush your teeth, do your hair or feed your toddler (and enjoy the funny looks!). The 10 minutes goes by quickly and suddenly you’re looking like your best self, once again.


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Pixi Detoxifeye Undereye Patches

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