Sunday Steals | Real Techniques Sculpting Brush vs Sigma F84 Brush

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I love a good makeup brush, and own my fair share of them. Some of them were stupidly expensive, so I always love it when I find one that comes in under $15 and does the job beautifully! I picked up todays Sunday Steal because it was very reminiscent of one of my favourite brushes – my Sigma f84 Angled Top Kabuki, but for about $10 less. Here’s how they stack up against each other…

real techniques sculpting brush vs sigma f84 angled top kabuki

real techniques sculpting brush vs sigma f84 angled top kabuki

The minute Sam and Nic of Pixiwoo fame announced that their brush line was coming out with a new brush, I knew I needed it. The Real Techniques Sculpting Brush has a rounded angled densely packed shape to it, which looks just like my Sigma F84. I love that brush for patting on undereye concealer and hoped the Real Techniques version would do just the same job. It does.
While the Sigma version is slightly wider, and has slightly longer hairs, I find the Real Techniques a bit more precise about getting into the inner corners. Like all brushes by the brand, it’s super soft synthetic bristles that also makes it a snap to clean (and dries way quicker than my Sigma, which is a bonus).
This brush was originally marketed as more of a contouring/face sculpting brush (hence the name, duh!) but I don’t love it for that, I much prefer it for my concealer and base, which is exactly what I was hoping I’d love it for. It buffs out product with no tugging, streaks or caking and takes seconds to apply the product I would normally fret over making look flawless. The best part is this brush is a total multitasker and checks in at just under half the Sigma version. Bargain alert.
I pick up my Real Techniques brushes locally at my drugstore, but has them and usually has a great discount code available aswell (plus they ship worldwide!)
Sigma Brushes can be found at

Have you found any great deals lately? Or dupes for your favourite brushes?

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