SECOND CHANCES | Mac Face & Body Foundation

Every now and then a product that I always seemingly hated previously comes back in a new way and makes me change my mind. Now granted, this doesn’t happen often, and my first impressions are usually really accurate, but I know when to admit I am wrong…

Enter in MAC’s Face and Body Foundation – a cult classic loved by makeup artists around the globe. In my previous experiences with this foundation I found it a sticky, streaky foundation that never seem to “set”. I can remember my first time buying it over 10 years ago and thinking “people actually like this?”

But there’s the thing, they don’t like it, they love it, and after watching yet another video where Sam from Pixiwoo fame talked about how it was the foundation she gets most complimented on, I knew it was time to give it another go.
So what was it that made me think it would be any better? A different brush. It made perfect sense – the MAC employees had always tried to sell me their flat foundation brush with this foundation, but its paint brush paddle like shape just seemed to move it around my skin leaving absolutely no coverage and nasty streaks. So I grabbed a bottle of the shade N2 (my year round colour – I now also have the much darker N5 to mix to match my tan) armed with my trusty Real Techniques Buffing Brush in hand and voila! Instant love.

Something happens to the formula of this when you buff it in, if you ever tried applying with your hands you might notice this. The texture seems to thicken up after a few seconds of buffing, allowing the product to almost melt into your skin and make the coverage suddenly visible. It settles in looking like your skin but smoother and more even with a super light coverage on the first coat. Buff a little more product in and you’ve got light to medium, and so on. My god it actually is as buildable as they all say it is. Who knew?

This girl isn’t afraid to admit when she is wrong (I’ve panned this foundation a few times here on GLG) and I am so happy that I gave it another go. I’ve also found I really like mixing this in with my MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation when I want more coverage, but a thinner texture on the skin. Love.

Have you ever felt strongly about a product only to give it a second (or even third) chance and fall in love?

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