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Must Have Tech | For Bloggers, Photography Lovers and Gadget Geeks

Tech Lovers Gift Guide

Something you may not know about me, is that besides my totally normal makeup hoarding tendencies, and love to write about beauty, I’ve actually worked in the photography industry for 17 years. I love a good gadget and gizmo aplenty when it comes to the photography tech world. We all know some of the toys are expensive; Cameras, smartphones and lighting systems can run you hundreds if not thousands. If you want to learn my favourite tech bits and bobs that can elevate your game without breaking the bank at under $50 each, keep reading!

Tech Lovers Gift Guide

Affordable Photography Tech Gear
for Bloggers, Photography Lovers and Gadget Geeks

My latest, and possibly most favourite purchase is a Flexible Tripod for Camera or Smartphone. This thing is super solid and comes with the traditional, smartphone and action cam mounts. I love that I can flip my iPhone vertical or horizontal, and it’s on a pivoting ball head for fluid movement. The legs are rubberized and bendable, which means you can wrap this around poles, hook onto doors, bend at weird angles etc. I’ve been using it to film all my Instagram stories, but it’s great for quickie family photos, for watching movies or youtube on your phone, or facetime calls!

While not glamorous, a Collapsible 5 in 1 Light Reflector is SO handy when you need to take photos in uneven light. A 5 in 1 set up means you can purposefully cast a shadow, bounce light, diffuse light, warm up the light… there is a multitude of uses! I use this to help balance the uneven Vancouver daylight when taking my blog pictures all the time. It folds up easy and comes in a zip up pouch too which makes it super convenient.

If you’ve ever lusted after a macro lens for your DSLR, but just couldn’t stomach the cost, then this Autofocus Macro Extension Tube Set is a great way to add a new look to your photos! The set comes with three different sizes and they just mount to your camera between the body and lens. You can get the most incredible detail in your photos and pick up on sparkle and facets that otherwise would fall flat.

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