MAC 2017 vs Morphe M433 Brush Review and Comparison
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Is the Morphe M433 a Dupe for the MAC 217 Brush?

 MAC 2017 vs Morphe M433 Brush Review and Comparison
If there is one brush every makeup artist from here to edge of the Earth has owned at one time or another, it’s the MAC 217. Could the Morphe m433 be a dupe at a fraction of the price?
More than a humble blending brush, the 217 is known for its tapered edges for crease work, while still being flat enough to lay down colour, and it’s fluffy enough to blend everything out.
If you asked me which eyeshadow brush I thought was most well known in the beauty world, it would be the 217.
But what if I told you there was a dupe for a quarter of the price? Is the Morphe M433 brush a dupe for the MAC 217?
– Updated Feb 2021

Mac 217 vs Morphe M433


Many brush companies have claimed to make dupes of the MAC 217 – possibly most notable being Sigma (which has attempted many MAC brush dupes over the years), but none of them cut the mustard for me when it came to softness and quality of bristles.

That is until I finally got my hands on the Morphe M433 at Imats a couple of weeks back. I knew I had a brand new MAC 217 waiting for me at home, so it was the perfect time to snatch it up and compare the two, both fresh right out of the package!


MAC 2017 vs Morphe M433 Brush Review and Comparison
Right from the start of my little experiment I knew it was going to be hard to find differences between these two.
They both feel relatively soft and flexible, with the Morphe M433 being ever so slightly firmer, and the MAC 217 being ever so slightly softer. And when I say “ever so slightly” I really mean it, it’s almost undetectable. 
The bristles splay out more, slightly, in MAC’s version. You can see this in the side by side comparisons and Morphe’s handle is actually 1/4 inch longer. Both have the matte black wooden handles with silver name embossing. MAC’s has a more defined crimp in the ferrule.
Now I can say I own several MAC 217 brushes, and over time they do get a bit scratchy; The Morphe M433 is no different. If you want to know which brushes I really feel perform the best and hold up over time, read my Sonia G Brush review.
However, knowing I got my hands on the Morphe M433 for almost a quarter of the price of one MAC brush when they are basically the same has made me never buy another 217!
This is most definitely a dupe in my opinion, and over the years since I originally wrote this post, they have performed the same, washed the same and ended up the same (slightly splayed over time).
 MAC 2017 vs Morphe M433 Brush Review and Comparison
Have you tried either the MAC 217, or the Morphe M433? Do you notice the difference? Let me know which brushes you would love to see a review/dupes for – I’ve been in a bit of a brush love-in recently.


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