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LUXURY LIPS | Is Dior's Creme de Rose Hypeworthy?

You know when you splurge on something and you think to yourself, “it’s just got to be that good to cost this much” ? I felt that way when I shelled out $29 CAD for the Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm (yep its a mouthful. Ha, see what I did there??) After reading about it incessantly on blogs everywhere, and being a forever dry lipped gal I knew I need to give it a go.

Now here’s the 411 and I feel like I can make an educated an opinion since I’ve practically used the whole darn thing in the month I’ve owned it.
It’s lovely. It really is. It smells gorgeous like juicy roses (is that a thing?) not old lady roses (we all know that is a thing) It feels creamy and smooth on the lips and generally is enjoyable to apply. But would I repurchase? If I had an extra 30 bucks hanging around, yeah probably. Do I think its worth the cost? Nope. It’s not a life changing lip balm folks, no matter how much I want it to be. It sits by my desk (lip balms in pots don’t make it to my handbag, they just aren’t on the go friendly) and I’ve practically used up the entire lip balm in just under two months. Given it doesn’t actually last that long on the lips explains a bit behind that; there’s a lot of reapplying going on here.And that whole plumping thing? Sorry gals, but thats a load of…. well you get it.
My all time favourite Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm is only 0.2 grams less in volume and lasts months per tube for under a tenner. Now that’s love.

So bottom line ? Yep I like it, I don’t NEED it though.

Dior Creme de Rose can be purchased at your local Dior counter and Sephora

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  1. wow i can't believe you went through it so fast! although i'm happy it isn't crazy priced for you guys (it is $27 us so your price isn't that different phew) maybe you can get a sample of bite to try at sephora or even try on the la mer at a counter? Also, the hourglass oil is good too though i don't love the scent (a bit lavender, and thats just not my thing) anyway good luck!!

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