My Clarins Skincare for Millenials Review

My Clarins | The Skincare Range Geared at Beginners and Millenials

My Clarins Skincare for Millenials Review


No one dislikes the constant millennial marketing as much as an older millennial like yours truly. If you grew up without a computer in your house and got a pager for your 16th birthday, then you know what I’m saying.

So I was hesitant when Clarins announced My Clarins, a skincare range specifically geared at millennials. I was invited to an event back when the range launched and it instantly changed my initial reaction. Turns out My Clarins are simplified, forward-thinking formulas that are suitable for young, beginner or new skincare users… or someone who just wants to dial it all back. Millennial or not, My Clarins is a fantastic, affordable range that is easy to find and will look great on your vanity at the same time. 

My Clarins Skincare for Millenials Review

My Clarins is a small nine sku range that is 100% plant-based, and will not be sold in any countries that require animal testing. My Clarins is also paraben, phthalate and sulfate-free. 

My biggest takeaway from this launch is that Clarins didn’t want it to be an extensive range with more options than a beginner really needs. It’s simplified in a chic way that will get those who possible previously didn’t pay much attention to proper skincare, interested. 

My Clarins Skincare for Millenials Review

The packaging is in line with what many brands are going now; Simplistic white with a bold colour accent to signify the formula type. I was pleased to see the spray and jars are glass packaging, of which is 25% recycled (as is the plastic). Even the unicartons are created with cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests. Clarins took their time with developing My Clarins to really connect with the demands of a younger audience and it shows!

My Clarins Skincare for Millenials Review

Of the product range itself, I tried a handful, with some fast favourites. The Re-Fresh Hydrating Beauty Mist makes for a lovely soothing toner with a nice even distribution spray. It’s a great prep for the Re-Boost Refreshing Hydrating Cream, which is super soothing and calming but not too rich for daytime. In order to amp up the hydration, the Re-Charge Relaxing Sleep Mask is heavenly; Apply like a night cream and let it do its thing overnight to wake up with smooth, hydrated skin!

Amongst other additions to the range, there is also a Mattifying Hydrating Cream, which I’m thrilled My Clarins has done. Often, oily skin is also dehydrated skin, so moisture is still needed. There is also the Pore-Less Blur and Matte Stick, which is one of the few pore filling stick products I’ve tried that didn’t feel chalky and dry. Instead, Pore-Less offers a smooth, velvety feel that had me wanting to blur out my entire face (seriously though, I was tempted…).

My Clarins Skincare for Millenials Review

If you’re new to using proper skincare or having a routine, My Clarins is certainly for you, regardless of generation. This would be a great starting point for teenagers, who are otherwise more likely to choose products that may have harsh, stripping and generally garbage ingredients. I certainly with My Clarins was around when I was a teen!



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