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I noticed a few of my favourite bloggers post once a month with their pick of the one product you should buy if you buy anything, and I love the idea. In the beauty blogging world it can get so easy to get caught up with a list of “wants” and watch your wallet get lighter and lighter. I love the idea of saying, “this is what I would by this month if I could only buy one thing”
Thus, a new series on GirlLovesGloss is born – the Monthly Must Buy, which will be posted the first Monday of each month. I’ll also be posting links to my Luvocracy page, a pinterest-esque place where I am cataloging all my favourites, loves and wants. I’d love if you followed me over there (hint, when you sign up for a free account you get a $10 credit to purchase anything you find posted!)

With the weather have a decent bite to it in this part of the world this time of year, I couldn’t help but choose a real skin saviour for my recommendation this month. Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask has saved my skin from dry flaky patches, that tight dehydrated feeling and has helped me stay somewhat luminous and plump feeling. Given my skin is naturally quite dry and dehydrated, it’s a miracle I haven’t had any rough skin issues this winter; It’s a first! 
One or twice a week I pop a little bit of this mango fruity smelling creamy mask after my serum/oil right before I hit the sheets for a nights sleep. Since my skin is dry, it soaks it up lovely, but if your skin isn’t particularly parched, I recommend popping this on, then brushing your teeth, getting into your pj’s etc, and then blotting any excess of lightly with a tissue. The next morning you’ll wake up with baby bum smooth skin, that looks youthful, radiant and rested, even if you didn’t get your 8+ hours. It works a treat and one tube is bound to last ages, making it a definite Monthly Must Buy!  
What is the one product you would tell your friends to buy this month, if they could only buy one? Have you tried the Origins mask I mentioned? 

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