Monthly Favourites | The Best of Makeup and Skincare for April

April 2019 Makeup and Beauty Favourites

I realize it’s over a week into May, but apparently, I’ve still got April on my mind.

It’s been an exceptionally long time since I shared some monthly beauty favourites in this space. I dabbled in sharing them over on Instagram stories, but the blog is where I can get the most pertinent information out there, without likely forgetting it. So here I am, talking about what I used a lot of in April, and you’ll be shocked to hear that all but one of the products is new within the last couple of months! Keep reading to find out more…


April 2019 Makeup and Beauty Favourites


I’ve got a great mix of skincare and makeup this month that I found myself reaching for over and over. Some of these products are almost empty, which is a true testament to how much I used them! There were a few eyeshadow palettes and blushes that I loved all last month, that aren’t featured here. These are the products that really surprised me, or in the case of one product, snuck back into my favourites after a long hiatus.


Ole Henriksen Glow²OH Dark Spot Toner*

Available at Sephora/$34 CND 

We know by now that I love a good acid toner; Hell it was the product that actually inspired me to start writing this blog 6 years ago! When I see “high potency AHA’s” on the packaging, I want to try it! Ole Henriksen’s new offering is a gorgeous glycolic and lactic acid combo; The slightest tingle when applying gives me that “It’s doing something” feeling. My skin feels soft, smooth, clear and the rest of my skincare routine sinks in nicely. Oh, and that cobalt blue bottle is pretty too!


Vivier Radiance Serum*

Available at Beauty Sense/$143 CND [Use code: GLOSS10 for 10% off!]

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Vivier for the last couple of months, and the Radiance Serum is easily my favourite product I’ve tried from the brand. It’s all in the name in this one folks; Radiance Serum makes my skin look… radiant! It’s a pharmaceutical grade vitamin c serum that works to banish dark spots, pigmentation and old blemish scars, and it kicks butt at it!


Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

Available at Nordstrom/$60 CND

This little inconspicuous bottle of foundation has made it in many favourites over the years, but for some reason I really start to gravitate towards it when the weather gets better. Perhaps I should say that I also love it when my skin looks better (the two aforementioned products definitely aided that!). It’s a light coverage that blends on the skin like silk, and feels equally as lightweight. The packaging is uber travel friendly, and it applies beautifully with your fingers as a preferred method. It’s easy to wear and makes my skin look effortlessly good!


W3ll People Bio Brightener Invisible Powder*

Available at The Detox Market/$30 CND

I was unfamiliar with W3ll People as a brand until I received a Detox Box from The Detox Market featuring it. While I wasn’t overwhelmed with most of the products in it, this powder really impressed me! When it says it’s invisible, they really mean it; It’s near undetectable under the eyes, which has been my main use for it. If you’re a long time reader you’ll know I have adored the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder for years. I never thought I would find a replacement for it, but I may have just done exactly that! 

April 2019 Makeup and Beauty Favourites

Marc Jacobs Velvet Pash Primer*

Available at Sephora/$33CND

I won’t drone on and on about this primer because I already did that here in this post. I’ll just say this: NO mascara primer has ever impressed me, as this one has. Full stop, it’s amazing.


Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron+ Volumizing Lip Treatment*

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart/$14.99 CND

Don’t let the name ‘Volumizing’ scare you here; You wont get the tingly, stingy feeling that volumizing lip products often have. Instead you get smooth, juicy lips that lines and dryness suddenly disappear from. It’s a lush gel-like formula that lacks stickiness or a waxy feeling. In fact, I would go as far as saying I’ve not tried another lip balm like it. There’s no mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, fragrance, colouring or drying alcohols. 


What we’re your favourite makeup and skincare products for the month of April? Let me know in the comments below!


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April 2019 Makeup and Beauty Favourites


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