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  • BALMS AWAY | Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

    If you are anything like me, you are or have been at some point in your life a complete lip balm addict. I have been cursed with dry, peeling and once in a blue moon cracking lips since I was young. Over the years I have discovered some lovely, and some really not so lovely lip products that have promised smooth supple lips. 

    I’ve tried everything from budget buys (Carmex, EOS, Nivea etc) to less wallet friendly options (Hello, talking to you Fresh, Korres, ROC, Avene etc) to give my poor lips some relief. Then I heard about Jack Black. I had passed by this brand several times in my local Sephora, which is no surprise due to the fact that it is in the mens skincare section (the man in my life isn’t much of a product junkie so I haven’t spent much time in these sections of my favourite beauty shops!)  

     So, for the price of $7.50 CND I figured I could give this a go and not be gutted if it ended up in the bottomless pit of underachieving lip balms I currently hoard. I picked up the Natural Mint flavour, which has that slight classic tingle minty balms usually have, but it also comes in Vanilla Lavender, Grapefruit Ginger (gonna grab this one next!) Black Tea Blackberry, and Lemon Chamomile.

    Now, while this may not be the prettiest packaged lip balm I own, it has been the only one I have reached for in almost a month since I bought it. It’s not waxy, or greasy, doesn’t settle into lines or leave lips looking overly glossy or gloopy with lip balm residue (blech, don’t you hate that?). My lipsticks glide on beautifully over it, and it keeps my lips hydrated longer than any other balm I can think of. Oh, and did I mention it is cruelty free?

    For under $10, colour me impressed. High praise for a self admitted lip balm junkie!

    Have you ever found a great product that was marketed at the opposite sex? What is your favourite lip balm?


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