CONDITIONER FOR YOUR SKIN? | Lush’s Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

lush ro's argan body conditioner
The post wherein I wish smell-o-vision existed, because this stuff smells ah-mazing.  After falling in love with Lush’s Rose Jam Shower Gel with annoyingly is a holiday time only product (seriously Lush, I need this all year round) I was desperate to get my hands on anything else that had that juicy genuine rose (ie not old lady rose) smell to it. Enter in a unique product that kills two birds with one stone (I promise no birds were actually harmed in the discovery or making of this product!)

lush ro's argan body conditioner

Lush’s Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is a peculiar product. Think traditional hair conditioner, but for your skin. It smells divine of real fruity roses, which lingers a good portion of the day, which make this girl very happy. You use this as you would expect for your hair just on your skin, after cleansing the body, you happily smear this lightweight creamy concoction all over the bod then rinse and hope out of the shower or bath. The slippery conditioner feel washes away and leaves your skin feeling super soft, and lightly moisturized – no sticky after shower moisture session needed!

Now, I will say the price really had me apprehensive. At $32 CND it was a splurge, but now I can fully say it was totally worth it. My dry and slightly itchy in the winter skin really appreciate this stuff and apparently Lush gets all their rosy goodness from an independant family farm in Turkey, regardless of which Lush store in the world you buy from!

Fun Fact – did you know Cleopatra loved the smell of roses so much she used to have her ships sails soaked in rose water before setting off?

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