Petal & Posy Handmade polymer clay jewelry by Jaime Pickering

Things Have Been Quiet Here and Here’s Why

Petal and Posy Polymer Clay Earrings Vancouver BC


So what have I been up to, you ask? I went and launched my very own jewelry brand…again.

Ok so I guess I should clarify – before Girl Loves Gloss became a thing, I was a silversmith for 10 years! I created silver, gold and gemstone jewelry that shipped all over the world, and I loved it.

Petal & Posy Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry Vancouver Canada


Over the years though, I felt the market for the style I worked in became a bit saturated. Believe it or not, the economic crash of 2008 actually brought me my best years ever in ’08 and 09 but by late 2013 I felt tapped out. The cost of sterling silver and gold had skyrocketed, and I just couldn’t fathom keeping so much on hand at any given time. Moreso, we decided to buy our condo, and unsurprisingly, using a torch, hammers and rotory tools just wasn’t going to happen with an at home studio.


So I let it go.


I hoped one day, I could pick back up my love of design, fabrication and creation.


Petal & Posy Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry Vancouver Canada


It wasn’t until I became a mom that I really started to feel the pull to be creative with my hands again. There’s something so isolating about being a stay at home parent, and besides feeling like I needed to earn a living, I felt I needed something I was good at besides caring for a toddler (still debatable if I’m good at that yet!) and getting dinner on the table. 


Petal & Posy Handmade Polymer Clay Jewelry Vancouver Canada

So began, Petal & Posy

Petal & Posy is hand crafted polymer clay jewelry. Its FUN, friends. It’s expressive, and puts a smile on faces, and christ in 2020 what more can we ask for!?


Here’s a little info on what you can expect:

  • Hand blended shades and colours
  • Artfully crafted, thoughtfully designed pieces
  • Nickel and lead-free findings, always
  • Monthly, small-batch launches (this means sometimes when things are gone, they are gone for good!)
  • Slow made quality handmade. There is no mass production going on here!
  • Products shipped in recycled material packaging, no single-use plastics.


I am really so very proud of this launch. I’ve worked tirelessly for months, perfecting and designing. I’ve loved every minute, and yet feel very raw and nervous putting it all out there for the world. It’s a guarded hope and exposed feeling that I hope brings success and a new version of me that I truly need right now.


Of course, don’t expect Girl Loves Gloss to go anywhere! My love of makeup will ALWAYS be there. I won’t be cutting back here or switching focus entirely. This girl is a woman of many crafts, I promise you that.


If you like my designs, would like to support me and my family, please head over to to follow along with all my new designs as they come. 


Petal & Posy officially launches, live on Etsy at 10am PST on Sunday, September 20th. I hope to see you there!


Petal and Posy Polymer Clay Earrings Vancouver BC

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