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Pregnancy | 5 MORE Things I Know Now

5 more things I know about pregnancy


A few weeks back I wrote this post about 5 things I had learned so far in my 30 weeks of pregnancy. I’m a few more weeks closer to baby girl’s due date (eek!) and have 5 more anecdotes about pregnancy that I’ve come to experience. Feel free to join in with yours in the comments below!

5 More Things I Know About Pregnancy Now

Aden + Anais Dandelion Blanket
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1. Nesting/preparing for baby comes on much earlier than I ever expected it. In the movies, you see frantic soon to be mommies in their last month of pregnancy buying baby gear, setting up the nursery and taking on ridiculous DIY projects. In real life that started to hit at about the 5.5 month mark! I suddenly had this mild panic that we would be caught unprepared and found still find myself researching car seats, strollers, cribs and pretty much anything that could EVER be spun as baby gear obsessively. Who knew there were so many opinions about burp cloths??

2. Baby brain is real and you will forget things seconds after you thought of them. The Notes app on your phone will become your best friend.

3. The joy of shopping for yourself goes completely out the window once you discover the joy of shopping for teeny tiny baby clothes. They make everything in miniature size these days and while she’ll never actually get a chance to walk in those first baby-sized Adidas Superstar shoes, you can better believe she needs to have them…

4. The amount of *ahem* “well-meaning” advice you get from other parents, non-parents, and even complete strangers will get really old, really fast. The whole, “I’ve done this before therefore am an expert” thing will have you smiling and nodding… a lot.

5. You will ask for no baby clothes on your registry and yet will get all baby clothes at your shower. Oh, and if you’re having a girl, they will ALL be pink. On the bright side, folding teeny baby leggings and onesies will have you feeling so content.


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