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Baby Gear | What’s Worth Buying?

What Baby Gear is Worth Buying

Now that I am just shy of 6 months pregnant (Eek! Where did that time go!?), the Mr and I have been researching our little hearts out when it comes to baby gear. What do we need? What don’t we need? It seems everyone has an opinion on what is best for your baby. I’ve been soaking up the advice where I can get it (and of course taking it all with a grain of salt!) and there are a handful of baby gear products that seem to have people torn… Love or hate them, here are some of the items we’ve been debating on!

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1.  The DockATot 

This has to be one of the items I’ve debated the most about! Mom’s either love them or don’t think they are worth the hefty price tag. I’ll admit, the price caught me off guard, but the more I read about them, the more overwhelmingly positive reviews won me over. These nifty inventions help baby feel cosy and secure and can be moved wherever you need them. I’ve heard mamas that had babies who wouldn’t sleep more than a couple hours praise them for giving them 7-8 hour sleeps! {Amazon, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK}

2. 4Moms Rockaroo

These seem to be the Cadillac of baby swings with a price tag to match. They glide on 5 different speeds, play mp3s and are only a 1/3 the size of tradition baby swings. I love the idea that this would fit so conveniently in our small apartment, but I’m not sure I can justify the price. Chime in parents and let me know if you loved this or have a better (compact please!) suggestion. {Amazon, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK}


3. Diaper Bags

This one really gets an opinion out of people. I keep getting told, “Don’t spend a ton of money on a diaper bag”. This is often followed up by the suggestion to use a really big purse, tote bag or someone trying to pawn off a particularly hideous diaper bag they were given on me. Since I’ve never been the type to own designer handbags, I’m really not interested in dropping major coin on a bag that will literally be filled with nappies. I found this Lekebaby Diaper Bag Backpack {Amazon, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK} for under $60 that has one side that completely opens flat for easy access and is ready to hang on the stroller, over the shoulder or worn like a backpack.


4. Baby Wraps

Another great debate between parents is the baby wearing movement. Before pregnancy, I was quite sceptical of wraps and slings, thinking they didn’t look secure and possibly more selfishly, they looked super hot for mum to wear. Recently I’ve started hearing about stretchy, super lightweight breathable wraps. I’ve fallen in love with the neutral prints from Solly Baby and Beluga Baby (which is Vancouver based!) and I think I might be a convert!


5. Halo Bassinest Premier

To co-sleep or not. Straight to crib, or bassinet? Where, when and how long baby sleeps seems to be one of the biggest parental debates out there! While I’ve promised myself I want to stay as open as possible to the needs of babe, I also have some ideas about what I do and don’t want. For example, co-sleeping with baby in bed makes both me and the Mr nervous and apprehensive. Depending on my recovery from delivering, (whether she comes out the old fashioned way or via c-section) as a first-time mum I decided I wanted to keep her in our room for the first little while at least.

The Halo Bassinest Premier {Amazon, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK} is the only bassinet I’ve found that can actually be adjusted to the height of our tall bed, yet is small enough not to crowd the room. I love that it’s mesh all around so I can look over and be assured baby girl is still breathing (first-time mum paranoias!). It also swivels so I can easily get in and out of bed, as well as has a flexible side for picking her up in the middle of the night without having to bend over. I’ve heard numerous accolades from c-section mums about the Halo system, and while I always hope for the best, I am the type that wants to prepare for any outcome (classic Gemini!).




I’d love all the parents out the chime in on any of these items in the comments, or with any other suggestions you all might have for apartment-appropriate gear we might need/want that hopefully wont break the bank. Also, a big thank you for all the wonderful congrats on my pregnancy announcement post. It was a scary post for me to write and the response has been so lovely and comforting. 

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