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THIS vs THAT + Things People Say to Pregnant Women

this vs that pregnancy must haves

Pregnancy definitely plays havoc on your skin, hair, nails and most obviously body. Products I normally love don’t do it for me anymore, and products I *thought* I would love once pregnant have me wondering why they were even invented! I’ve definitely noticed that some products crush the competition when it comes to “This vs That”. Here are my top 5 pregnancy related loves currently, as well as some interesting things people say to you when they know you’re pregnant.

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Clarins Body Tonic Oil* vs Nivea Firming Body Oil*

For me this was all down to something that I think many many pregnant women can relate to: Scent. The Clarins takes it for me as the Nivea was too synthetic-floral (even Mr. GLG noticed it when I got into bed (he says the Clarins smells ‘spa-like’). Both have a lovely light texture and gives my belly a smooth, hydrated feel, but the Clarins melts right in leaving no residue or oil on my clothes which is a must for me. 


Pregnancy Apps vs Pregnancy Books

When I first got pregnant I immediately went out and bought a few classic baby books like What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It was like a right of passage every new parent to be earned in my mind. Then I read them and promptly scared the crap out of myself; Most of them are beyond negative, medical jargon and biased opinions. So back to the store they went and I’ve been relying on my very positive, daily tidbits of info, phone apps like Ovia instead. For example, this week I learned that not only is Baby B the size of a romaine lettuce (holy crap!) but that she is opening her eyes and developing her hearing. I also learned from the communities on several apps (another blog post to come on my faves) that the Glucose Screening Test for Gestational Diabetes really wasn’t that bad (truth, it wasn’t!). 


Snoogle vs Body Pillow

Here’s another one I learned the hard way. The minute my belly started to pop I went and bought a Snoogle after reading rave reviews online. After all, my back hurt and the ligament pains in my groin made tossing and turning at night agonizing. Well, let me warn you, if you are at all claustrophobic like I am, step away from the Snoogle! I hated how I felt all tangled up in it, and the cover felt like it was made of burlap. Plus it was damn hot to sleep with. Enter in George, my trusty old-fashioned body pillow that has made sleeping during this pregnancy a dream. I even catch the Mr trying to steal him from time to time. George is long enough to be tucked between my knees, and for me to wrap my arms around so that I don’t roll on my back and honestly is a revelation in terms of a good nights sleep. Feel free to name yours whatever you like, pregnancy or not though, get a ‘George’ in your life!

L’Oreal Lash Paradise* vs Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash Mascara

Early in pregnancy, I was aware I needed to start wearing a long wearing mascara formula after a few morning sickness related moments where watery eyes had my mascara running. Later on in pregnancy, it’s the random emotional moments that catch you off guard (Seriously, I can’t watch that commercial about the guy who finally retires but has to pawn his retirement watch because he’s got no savings…). I tried the much raved about L’Oreal Lash Paradise* in waterproof, but sadly it smudged and smeared on me. So enter in my tried and true, budge-proof Make Up For Ever Excessive Lash Mascara; even though it isn’t a waterproof formula, it holds up longer!

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Quench Lip Rescue vs All My Lipsticks

My lips have always been dry, but pregnancy has definitely not helped. I’ve never been one for bold lip looks anyway, but given the insane amount of water I drink to stay hydrated these days I just can be bothered to put on mirror-application lip colour. Instead, I’ve been reaching for one of my favourite tinted balms, Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea Quench Lip Rescue in Nude, which adds a gorgeous glossy sheen but with a balmy texture and just the right amount of tint. I’m already on my second tube and probably will be 3 down by the time our little lady shows up!

Stupid Things People Say to Pregnant Women

27 weeks pregnant

Now that I’m visibly pregnant I’ve noticed it’s brought some interesting comments out of people. Regardless of friend, family or complete stranger, being pregnant seems to be a gateway to saying some pretty stupid things. There’s always the classics like, “Are you sure it’s not twins?” and “Wow you must be ready to pop!” when you’re only 5 months along. Here are a few of the funny, annoying and downright rude comments I didn’t expect before I was pregnant. Please feel free to chime in with the comments below on some of the comments that made you raise an eyebrow!


  1. “Oh, you have morning sickness? I never had any of that! Have you tried saltine crackers and ginger ale?” Why no, I haven’t tried the most well-known nausea cure of all time…
  2. How far along are you? Oh ___ weeks? My friend/cousin/sister/hairdresser lost her baby at ___ weeks”. Gee, thanks for telling the hormonal, emotional and anxious pregnant lady about a worse case scenario as a form of small talk. Super appropriate.
  3. When you announce your pregnancy, inevitably someone will make it about them. “You should be so grateful, I’d give anything to just be pregnant since I’ve been trying for 3243823207 years” – People don’t do this. It’s a selfish thing to do. It took me a long stretch of time to get the ole two pink lines and I know the pain of loss; You never know what someone’s story is and squashing their joy won’t actually soothe your soul.
  4. “You’re pregnant?! Wow, was that an ‘oopsies?” – Do I even need to explain why this one is inappropriate?
  5. “You shouldn’t be eating that! You’re growing a baby now you know!?” – Here’s a rule to live by: commenting on what people eat is rude on any given Wednesday. Commenting on what a pregnant lady is eating is dangerous. Step away and let me eat my Cheetos!


Let me know in the comments below if you are expecting, what comments threw you off and which products you’ve loved!


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