Hourglass Scattered Light Eye Shadow Review Swatches

Grown Up Glitter | Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eye Shadow

Hourglass Scattered Light Eye Shadow Review Swatches


Err, the right kind of glitter I should say. If you’re like me and had previously regulated glitter to Halloween and only Halloween, you might be shocked to see how far good glitter has come. I’m not talking about 90’s revival, chunky, permanently scratch your retinas kind of glitter. I’m talking refined, glimmering sparkle that looks good on anyone (not just a festival goer).


Hourglass Scattered Light Eye Shadow Review Swatches

Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eye Shadows hit the mark for gorgeous, wearable glitter that won’t stick around once you want it gone. Forget the telltale “I was at a rave this weekend” look. This is glitter for today but gone tomorrow.

Sephora says, “This eyeshadow is infused with refined micro-glitter for a sophisticated, sparkling finish, and features multifaceted pearls that capture and reflect light for brilliant, multidimensional eye looks. It comes in a range of light-catching shades that are buildable from a sheer, crystal-like shimmer to an opaque, prismatic glitter finish. Its weightless formula glides across lids and dries down for smooth, comfortable wear.”

Hourglass Scattered Light Eye Shadow Review Swatches

These little pots of glimmery goodness add so much light to any eyeshadow look. They have enough colour pigment to them to be worn all on their own but also work as great toppers.  I love to apply with my finger, patting on for opacity across the lid, or to add a sparkly pop right in the centre.  These sparkle in a way that doesn’t say “I’m wearing glitter on my face at 3 in the afternoon” but rather “my eyes are most definitely the windows to my soul”. 

Hourglass has 9 shades of the Scattered Light Eye Shadows; Unsurprisingly all neutral leaning. They really do adapt to any bright looks you want to use them in though. I have three, Smoke, Reflect* and Ray* and love them all interchangeably. 

SMOKE – a rosy taupe

REFLECT – rose champagne

RAY – warm champagne

Hourglass Scattered Light Eye Shadow Review Swatches

The formula is one that seems to be popping up with familiarity; Not quite a cream, but not entirely a loose pigment. Because of this, they are forgiving on all skin types and don’t bunch or clump together on the eye. There’s enough binder to the formula to spare having fallout all over your cheeks, but it also will wipe away with makeup remover/oil/balm cleanser when you’re ready to be done at the end of the day. The pots have a stopper that keeps the product from drying out and crumbling each time you use. 

I’ve found myself reaching these the most to add a little sparkle to otherwise matte eye shadow looks, or as a light wash across the lid with a flick of liner. Either way, I don’t feel like a 90’s disco revival wannabee on the wrong side of glitter!


available at Sephora | BeautyLish | Cult Beauty


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