NYX Epic Ink vs Kat Von D Trooper Eyeliner

Dupe Alert | Kat Von D Trooper vs NYX Epic Ink Liner

NYX Epic Ink vs Kat Von D Trooper Eyeliner

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f there is one thing I love, it’s a good black winged liner. I love that sultry cat eye look and ultimately am super picky about which liquid liner makes the cut. It needs to be super black, super matte, and stay where I put it. If that wasn’t enough, I don’t mess around with felt tips; They get ‘limp’ for lack of a better term and dry out way too dang fast. So far, the closest I’ve found to checking all the boxes is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. It’s not quite as matte or dark as I would like, but up until now, it’s been my best option…

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NYX Epic Ink vs Kat Von D Trooper Eyeliner

Imagine my surprise when I found a liquid eyeliner pen at the drugstore that had a brush tip? The NYX Epic Ink Liner has that same finely pointed brush that I’ve come to love, so naturally, I wondered if the ‘juice’ on the inside was just as good. Well friends, turns out I like it even better.

You’ll notice by the swatch comparison that Epic Ink is actually blacker in pigment, and dries down very opaque. I always found that the Kat Von D started this way, but wasn’t quite as opaque throughout the day. Epic Ink stays just as black as it starts with only a tiny bit of fading near the end of the day (10+ hours). It also wears really solidly – I get no flaking or smearing and transfer. It sets up with a matte finish (more so than the Kat Von D) which I love; Sometimes matte liners go shiny through the day but Epic Ink stays as is.

NYX Epic Ink vs Kat Von D Trooper Eyeliner

The brush tip is essential for me to get that uber sharp flick to my liner and a smooth line across the lid. Epic Ink has a slightly less fine point to it’s brush but delivers the same results. The consistency of the liquid liner flows really well, so I get really smooth lines and edges with it. This means no need to go over the line to build up colour or appearance and less likely to end up looking like I put my eyeliner on in the dark (which I probably DID thanks to my new mom status!)

When taking it off, it removes a bit more like a waterproof formula. I always use dedicated eye makeup remover so this is no big deal for me, but be warned if you aren’t used to wearing long wear products. Since I have super watery eyes (plus hormones – told you: new mom status!) I want something that won’t be running down my face midday.

NYX Epic Ink vs Kat Von D Trooper Eyeliner

The best part about finding a dupe, is sometimes finding something better. In this case, I think the NYX Epic Ink Liner is most definitely better than I expected and than the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. Of course, the price tag is HALF the amount, which makes my wallet happy as well. My only con is that it doesn’t come in a dark brown! I love the Tattoo Liner in the shade Mad Max Brown, which is a deep coffee shade that makes the green in my eyes really pop. If NYX made a shade like that my dreams would be met!

Until then, I’ll be rocking my feline flick thanks to NYX!

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