Winter Lip Balm and Treatment Favourites
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Hydrating Winter Lip Loves

Winter Lip Balm and Treatment Favourites

If there’s a lip balm out there, it’s likely that I’ve tried it.

I’m not a lipstick fanatic, but I do have a serious weakness for a good balm. I’m beyond picky when it comes to my lip balms, treatments and glosses; I want hydration over anything, longevity, and non-sticky formulas that make my lips look smooth. It’s a tall task, and I’ve collected a small capsule of lip favourites that I especially like in the winter when the weather is confused between dry and cold and wet and soggy here in the Pacific North West. 

Winter Lip Balm and Treatment Favourites


Before I list my faves, let’s talk about what I don’t want in a winter lip balm, m’kay? I feel like it’s important to establish needs when it comes to lip balm; It’s just so personal! My lips are notoriously dry by nature (yes, I drink loads of water) and often get peely. Years ago, it would have been normal for me to wake up with a split lip from them being dry. In those days I assumed that good old chapstick or vaseline style products were just fine, and I couldn’t fathom why someone would spend more than $3 on “fancy lip balm”. Past Jaime’s poor lips, let me tell you. 

So what don’t I want? I don’t want a greasy, thin, waxy or gummy product on my lips, because eww. I want something that goes on and either stays on, or sinks in and works from the inside out. When it comes to gloss, I want smooth, not sticky. Give me nourishing, hydrating and forgiving formulas that don’t settle into lines or make it look like I’ve been snacking on a tub of petroleum jelly.

I told you, I am particular when it comes to lip products!


The Best Winter Lip Products for dry, sensitive and dehydrated lips:

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors: My holy grail, forever love lip balm/gloss hybrid. You’re all surely bored of hearing me talk about them over the last 7 years! Think tinted lip balm, with a semi-glossy sheen in a comforting, lip hugging formula. They come in 10 or so shades, and my all-time favourite is #5, a perky peachy pink.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil: I mean, comfort is right there in the name! Don’t be scared by the word ‘oil’ in this – it feels more like a gloss, but minus the tack. I keep one on my desk and one in my bag for glossing on the go. This is the perfect option if you love a bit of gloss over your lipstick, or to sheer out lip colour, but need hydration and comfort. Faves are the original 01 Honey and 06 Mint.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron + Volumizing Lip Treatment*: This treatment balm is almost like a gel; It has no waxy or glossy texture to it, and makes your lips look instantly hydrated. It has the smoothest texture to it that is really unlike any other squeeze tube balm I’ve ever tried, and its a total bargain!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask: You just knew this was going to be in here right? I haven’t touched another lip balm or treatment before bedtime since first discovering this. Pop it on before bed and be pleasantly surprised that it is still there in the morning! Even my husband has caught on to how good this is, and now asks for the “pink jar stuff” nightly. Yes, I am realizing that I will be going through this (generously sized) jar much quicker now. 

Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner*: This is the one for those of you who love something thicker, a bit glossier and with a subtle (but genuine!) rose scent. I often wear this in my IG stories and get loads of Dm’s asking what’s on my lips. It’s got this magical way of making your lips look flawless and naturally plump but not in a way that makes you worried your hair will constantly be stuck to your face. 

Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath*: “Collagen Lip Bath” just sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? It’s a skincare lipgloss combo that has the ever so slightest tingle to it that gives you that “oh, it’s doing something feeling”. It isn’t sticky, and the wand is heart-shaped, which really hugs the lips as it applies so its a one-swipe wonder. It comes in a sheer pink (basically clear), rose and peach. 


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What are YOUR favourite Winter-worthy lip products?
Winter Lip Balm and Treatment Favourites

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