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  • Just Launched: MAC It’s a Strike Collection

    MAC Its A Strike Limited Edition Collection Review
    It’s been ages since a MAC Collection has appealed to me as being as day-to-day wearable as the It’s a Strike Collection. As you might have guessed, this time round its a bowling theme, with super fun names like ‘Babes and Balls’ ‘King Pin’ and ‘Perfect Score’. The 26 piece collection is online now (with a few online exclusives!) and has some gorgeous plums and dusty pinks I can see it being a huge hit for fall (or as the brand claims, “Right up anyones alley” – how punny).
    MAC Its A Strike Limited Edition Collection Review
    MAC Its A Strike Limited Edition Collection Review
    MAC Its A Strike Limited Edition Collection Review
    Included in the It’s a Strike Collection are seven lipsticks, two of which are online exclusive, and five Creamsheen Glass lip glosses. Easily, the most unique shade out of the bunch is Liquid Lurex, which looks unlike anything else I own. The other online only exclusive, Babes and Balls, is a gorgeous deep matte burgundy which I can see being a big hit in this collection.
    It’s A Strike Lipsticks

    Honeylove {matte} – light beige with rose undertone
    Liquid Lurex {dazzle} – tarnished sheer gold
    Flat Our Fabulous {retro matte} – intense magenta plum
    All Fired Up {retro matte} – electric fuschia
    Perfect Score {matte} – deep red
    Babes and Balls {matte} – deep burgundy plum
    Bowl Me Over {retro matte} – burnt brown
    There are also five Creamsheen Glasses in the collection (I only have 4) and like the lipsticks, there is a shade for everyone. I can’t see myself getting much wear out of the warm brown, but the soft pinky nude and plum shades are totally my jam.
    It’s A Strike Creamsheen Glasses 

    It’s A Strike – soft nude pink
    Throw a Spare – pearly fuschia
    Perfect Frame – creamy plum
    King Pin – golden brown
    Right Up my Alley – bright deep red
    MAC Its A Strike Limited Edition Collection Review
    MAC Its A Strike Limited Edition Collection Review
    MAC Its A Strike Limited Edition Collection Review
    MAC Its A Strike Limited Edition Collection Review
    There are also six eyeshadows in the collection and three Fluidline Pens (which I don’t have to photograph). From what I have heard and seen from swatches, the formula is hit or miss on these. Five out of six are neutrals with the exception being the frosted lime green ‘Bowlarama’ which is incredibly unique, but not necessarily cohesive with the rest of the collection in my opinion. The shade ‘Carbon’ is a shade I with MAC would improve the formula on; For an “intense black” as MAC states, its incredibly patchy and lack lustre in terms of dept.
    It’s A Strike Eyeshadows

    Gutter Gal {matte} – off white grey
    Bowlarama {satin} – bright pearl lime green
    Bowl Out {matte} – mid toned brown based grey
    Join My League? {matte} – espresso brown
    300 Game {matte} – black cherry
    Carbon {matte} – black
    It’s A Strike Fluidline Pens

    Retro Black – satin black
    Vintage Brown – chocolate brown
    Indelibly Blue – navy blue
    MAC Its A Strike Limited Edition Collection Review
    I was excited to see there were two Casual Colours in the collection. These are a creamy texture that gives a gorgeous glow to lips and cheeks with wonderful pigmentation. Unlike the Cream Colour Bases, Casual Colours are more emmolient and have stronger pigmentation. The two shades in this collection are totally wearable and perfect for the upcoming fall/winter season!
    It’s A Strike Casual Colours

    Have a Lovely Day – neutral nude mauve
    Blind Score – Reddened burgundy
    Lastly, we have the top eye candy of the collection: the Pearlmatte Face Powder which has the super fun and eye-catching bowling ball and pin motif! I won’t lie, this was the product that got the most ‘ohh and aahhs’ out of me purely for the collectability. I love when MAC does fun things like this with their collections, especially if they don’t have any themed housing/packaging! I have no doubt I will be hoarding this for years to come… #beautybloggerproblems


    Which part of the collection grabs your attention the most? Do you like it when MAC does more everyday ‘wearable’ collections, or do you prefer their more outlandish and unique launches?




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