Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette review, swatches and look
Something I have been asked about a whole lot lately is the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette.  I wasn’t surprised when I heard Urban Decay was coming out with another palette in their ‘Naked’ line. With their original creating absolute havoc in the beauty world when it was released, and every palette being subsequently popular, the brand (rightly so) should ride out the wave that has sparked cosmetics lines all over the world to bring back the neutral. I’ve found some of the palettes in the ‘Naked’ line a tad hit or miss, so I was a skeptic on whether one marketed towards a smokey look would float my boat. I’m happy to say this boat is floating just fine folks, and this palette has really pleasantly surprised me!

Right off the bat I will say that the packaging is gorgeous. I was surprised at just how pretty it is in person with the floating smokey effect is, and the magnet closure is nice and strong and secure. The mirror spans the entire width of the lid, which folds all the way back if needed, but stands up on its own as well. Well done, Urban Decay!

You can see by the swatches that there is a really nice balance of matte, satin and shimmer shades in this palette, which is something that has been a critique in previous ‘Naked’ palettes. There are two shades that have significant sparkle, High and Armour, but neither of them lack colour payoff (which was a huge problem for me with the Naked 3 palette). While I didn’t have much fallout on these shades, I would suggest some sort of primer if you were really wanted to pack them on and amp the glitter factor up (Too Faced Glitter Glue is amazing for this!)
The matte shades are soft and smooth and pigmented, but equally important they are all shades that you really want in a matte finish: a highlight/pale colour, two transition type shades both in a warmer grey and a pinky beige, and a slightly deeper brown. These are the type of shades that are essential for the perfect smokey eye in my opinion.
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette review, swatches and look

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette review, swatches and look

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette review, swatches and look
Wearing Thirteen on the brow bone, Combust as a transition, Password mixed with Dagger in the crease, High patted on the lid, Black Market along the lash lines, and 24/7 Pencil in Sabbath in the waterline and tightline. 

The palette has a strong blue-grey theme for half the shadows, which again had me concerned (blue isn’t something I work with often unless navy liner, which I adore) but I am happy to report that these are all really wearable, dare I say sophisticated blues. With a dark charcoal-navy, a steel grey-blue and muted bluish plum as the deepest shades in the palette, and a warmer blued grey satin, I really think there is something for everyone. I decided to try out the blue based shadows in the palette for the look shown here, and am thrilled with how incredibly green my eyes look!

For those who don’t love blue, there is some fabulous neutrals in here, after all this is one of Urban Decay’s money makers! I am so happy to see that Dirty Sweet is a gorgeous pigmented rose gold (where Naked 3 dropped the ball for me) and Radar a nice mid tone bronze. These shades both carry some warmth which keeps the palette from being too cool toned.  

As one might expect, the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette comes with a double ended brush – and this one is decent! I am actually really enjoying the shorter pencil brush end, which is very soft and integral to a smokey look. The other end is a larger blending brush, which I find a bit stiffer than I’d like for applying colour, but works really well for that last final blend step that gives your look that airbrushed finish. 

So I guess what I am getting to, is that Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky Palette is a win for me, which is a surprise and I love when products totally blow my expectations out of the water! I really couldn’t find a dud pigment or application wise, which has me thinking this is one of the better ‘Naked’ palettes since the original first dropped!

Have you tried this palette yet? What do you think about the shade selection?


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