Great Brows With Drugstore Products

Amazing Brow Products You Can Find at the Drugstore

Great Brows With Drugstore Products

I feel like brow products have been something that has been greatly underrepresented at the drugstore until recently. The days of having all of 3 brow pencils to choose from are over friends! Now you can find now only a variety of shades, but a multitude of formulas as well. Gels, pencils, powders and pomades can all be found now for under $15.  I’ve put several to the test and have some favourites that I’ve been reaching for just as much as (or even more than!) some of my high-end eyebrow must-haves.

Amazing Drugstore Brow Products

In true form, products you find at the drugstore are generally following in the footsteps from their high-end sisters and brothers that pave the way in terms of the innovation. This isn’t a bad thing though, it gives brands time to work out the kinks and see if a product appeals to a wider audience. My main gripe with drugstore brow products is that because they’ve always been made for the masses, the shade range is usually lacking. As a brunette with cool, deep brown hair – the struggle has been real!

Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow Gel*

Available at Amazon Canada | Amazon US | Ulta

This might be the most unique of all the eyebrow products I’m talking about today! It’s a thin waterproof gel consistency that you apply to beef up scrawny brows. I won’t mince words, the applicator is absolute garbage, BUT when used with a thin angled brush the results are amazing! I actually find I can draw on little strokes of ‘hair’ and I can vary the density of the product. The idea of the product is that once it is on, it can actually last a couple of days. Because I used an oil-based cleanser, it doesn’t last more than a day on me – but that is plenty!


Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara

Available at Ulta | Shoppers Drug Mart

There is no doubt that this is very familiar looking if you’re a fan of Benefit’s Gimme Brow {read my review of that here}. It’s a tinted, fibre laced gel that beefs up brows and tames them into place at the same time. Unlike many brow gels, I don’t feel like I have crusty brow dandruff halfway through the day (way to paint a pretty picture, Jaime…). It doesn’t exactly what it says on the package and its under $5!

See what I use to grow back my eyebrows fuller, fast here.

Great Brows With Drugstore Products

Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil*

Available at Ulta | Walmart | Amazon

This is another Maybelline product that has surprised me! I find myself reaching for this over my luxury brow products regularly. It’s so smooth and easy to apply when in a rush. The tapered shape makes it easy to both fill in and create brow strokes, and the egg-shaped spoolie is soft and brushes through just enough to give definition. Once set with gel, it lasts all day so I don’t have a case of the disappearing brows. There are only four shades, but I feel the brunette is ashy enough for me and that is no easy feat.


L’Oreal Brow Stylist Brow & Set

Available at Ulta | Walmart | Amazon

Upon first glance you’re going to think this is an Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow knockoff {read my review of that here}… but it is definitely a different formula. The first time I used this, it was almost identical in texture and I thought, “Amazing, I’ve found a dupe!”… and then it dried out by the end of the week and I was gutted. Until that is, I realized the slightly crumbly nature of this actually works really, really well. I pick up a little bit on my angled brush and then work it into the bristles in the lid. Because it’s drier in texture, it’s easier not to end up with Crayola brows if that makes any sense at all. I can build as I need and I feel the look is incredibly life-like. Who would have guessed? The tone of 215 Deep Brunette is perfectly neutral-cool for me and is very similar to ABH Ash Brown.

What is your favourite eyebrow product? Do you have better luck with luxury over drugstore?

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