Wet n Wild Pro Brushes
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The MOST Affordable Drugstore Makeup Brushes You Need to Try

Wet n Wild Pro Brushes

OK folks, real talk here: I looooove me some makeup brushes. In fact, you’d be lucky to find a rogue Beauty Blender around these parts.   I’m a bit of a hoarder collector of brushes and always keep my eye open for affordable drugstore makeup brushes that are actually great. I may or may not own somewhere around the 200 count, I am guessing (please don’t make me actually count and come to terms with my addiction. K thanks).

Some of these brushes are next level expensive, with the priciest I own being this Surratt Beauty Brush* at a whopping $250. Having said that, you wont find a snob here; One of my favourites is this Real Techniques Brush that I reach for every single day. When I was sent a couple of the Wet n Wild Pro Brushes I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years that some of them would outperform long time favourites, and yet here we are…

Wet n Wild Pro Brushes

Wet n Wild Pro Makeup Brush Review

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For those like myself who are still in the “rose gold all day every day” stage of your lives, these brushes are for you! The metallic rose gold handles are lightweight but have an ergonomic notch for your thumb or finger that I find quite comfortable. The bristles are densely packed, cut beautifully and so surprisingly soft.

Often with more affordable drugstore brands, I find the telltale sign is the cut of the bristles; These are smoothly cut, haven’t shed or splayed out. I’ve washed them all several times and they keep their shape, wash up easily and stay just as soft after drying.

Wet n Wild Pro Brushes

I now own seven of the ten in the range and can see myself picking up the last 3 shortly. I think they are all incredibly good, and that isn’t factoring in the affordable price. Several of these brushes have knocked longtime favourites out of top spot! There are a couple that I wouldn’t purchase again purely based on my lack of need for them, but I really haven’t come across a total dud yet.


The Large Powder Brush* by far is one of the softest, just durable face brushes I own. Sometimes tapered face brushes of this nature are too flimsy to actually pick up the product. This one is a workhorse. I mainly use it for bronzer, but I’ve been known to use it for powder, bronzer and blush if I’m in a hurry.

The eye brushes are also top notch in my opinion. The Tapered Blending Brush* has become my favourite crease brush to use. In fact, I am debating buying a few more given how disappointed I am when it’s in the ‘to-wash’ jar. Similarly, the Fluffy Blending Brush makes buffing out edges and transition shades an absolute dream. Given how often people struggle with blending eyeshadow, this brush makes you feel like a bit of an old hand at it.

Lastly, I’ve not stopped using the Tapered Highlighting Brush since I bought it. Regardless if you want a subtle glow or seen-from-space strobe, this brush can handle it. It’s soft, diffuses pigment evenly and allows you to really buff it into the skin.

Wet n Wild Pro Brushes

Whether you’re a brush lover like me, a novice or a pro, or looking to steer away from big name brands, I’d urge you to try the Wet n Wild Pro Brush line! I use at least a few every single day. They are synthetic, Peta-certified cruelty-free and vegan, and cost between $6-11 Canadian.

My Favourite Wet N Wild Pro Line Brushes


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