HUDA Beauty Nude Obsessions Light Palette

Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Light Palette

HUda Beauty Nude Obsessions Light Palette

Call me basic, but your girl loves a neutral palette.

…And Huda Beauty recently dropped her Nude Obsessions Palettes, much to my delight! These 9 pan palettes aren’t new for the brand (read my review of the Mauve Obsessions Palette), but they did something really smart here: They made light, medium and dark versions.

How often have we seen ‘neutral’ palettes all lean really warm, really brown, really pale or just generally lack dimension? Huda has designed these palettes so that all 9 shades work with each other and there are no wild cards that can happen when a brand tries to do too much.

I picked up the Light option because soft pinks and mauves were calling to me, but the rosy chocolate hued Medium might have to be in my future…

huda beauty nude obsessions eyeshadow palette in light


THE FINISH: There are 5 mattes in this particular palette and 4 shimmer/metallics.

THE FORMULA: The mattes in this palette vary; I don’t find they kick up as much as her previous palettes and I have no issues with fall down. They blend really seamlessly on the eye without catching or grabbing, though some have more payoff than others (more on that below). The metallics really go on best with a finger in my opinion, though a flat brush can get there, patting them on with your fingertip really gives them this gorgeous foiled metallic look.

THE LONGEVITY: I have no issues with Huda’s formula lasting all day on my deep creased lids, with or without a primer (though primer does always extend and allows the mattes to really pop). I can easily rely on this formula to look good until I take it off at the end of the night.

HUDA Beauty Nude Obsessions Light Palette

MY THOUGHTS: I really love the shade selection in this palette. I think if you’re not traditionally a purple or lilac lover, this palette will surprise you at how everyday wearable it is. The mattes are all the right shades, with variations of light medium and dark tones to get plenty of depth. The same thing goes for the shimmers, which have even more dimension once pressed on the lid, with a subtle shifting sparkle and no chunky glitter.

The only shade that I was mildly disappointed in is the cream matte in the centre of the palette, which didn’t pack the pigment I wanted to. This is a common issue across brands for this type of shade, but the similar ivory tone in the Mauve Obsessions Palette has more pigment, so I know it can be done with the Huda formula.

I think if you’re sick of the warm brown and crazy colour shadow palettes that have been filling up our Instagram feeds this last year, then you’ll love what Huda has done here. The varying palettes and shade intensities mean there is something for all skin tones, and the three all work really alongside each other as well.

Plus, the $37 CND price tag doesn’t hurt 😉


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