Colourpop Wild Nothing palette review and swatches

Colourpop Wild Nothing Palette Review and Swatches

Colourpop Wild Nothing Palette Review and swatches

If you’re a lover of soft, warm neutral shadows, the Colourpop Wild Nothing Palette might just be perfect for you.

I had my eye on this palette since it launched in 2020, but every time I tried to purchase it, it was sold out! Then in a twist of lucky fate, I grabbed it on sale and made Wild Nothing part of my eyeshadow palette collection.

I had been drawn to the soft, warm neutrals and that pop of pale green gold – something I really didn’t feel I had in my collection.

Colourpop eyeshadow palettes can be a bit hit or miss in my experience, and there’s definitely some pros and cons to this one.

Colourpop Wild Nothing Palette Review and swatches

Colourpop Wild Nothing Eyeshadow Palette Review

AVAILABLE AT: Colourpop | Ulta | $18 USD

I’m so basic when it comes to eyeshadow palettes; I really look for palettes that I can wear every day, but still give me enough variety that it doesn’t look like I am wearing the same palette every day.

I was immediately drawn to the mossy green gold shade in this; It wasn’t like anything I had in my collection (that’s likely a lie at this stage of the game, but still…) and I liked the concept of pairing it with warm, peachy shadows.

I’ve talked about Colourpop’s sometimes inconsistent formula, in my Colourpop Baroque Palette review and the Colourpop Flutter By Palette review so I was keen to see if Wild Nothing had the same dusty texture, but ultimately decent payoff.


The Colourpop Wild Nothing Palette is:

“In your wildest dreams, this vegan 12-pan palette has everything you need for the perfect natural look. Featuring the perfect matte, metallic, and Super Shock Shadows, in the perfect balance of warm and cool toned shades, this palette is ready to be your everyday go-to.” – Colourpop

The Value:

12 shadows/14.20grams total

The Formula:

Three of Colourpop’s eyeshadow formulas are featured here: matte, metallic and supershock (cream-powder hybrid).

The mattes in the Wild Nothing Palette are noticeably dusty, as I often find with Colourpop matte shadows. Having said that, they do apply well with a brush as long as you use on a primed eye base. This texture of shadow has a tendency to blend away without a good primer or base down first.

You’ll notice in the swatch video that the mattes swatch really well – something that Colourpop seems to rely on when it comes to Instagram reviews especially. This is one of the reasons I always harp on about the fact that a finger swatch really tells you nothing – it’s all about the true performance.


The metallics in this palette really shine – as they tend to in most Colourpop palettes. They are creamy feeling to the touch and pack beautiful payoff and impact.

There are two of Colourpop’s Supershock formulas in this palette (‘Salton’ and ‘Spirited’), which is normally a formula I love. In this case, these underwhelmed me in payoff – they are more of a sheer topper if anything.

My Final Thoughts:

When I purchased this palette there was something in the back of my head the entire time, which was that it didn’t offer a ton of shade diversity in terms of depth.

As a fair-skinned person, this type of palette works beautifully for me with the one dark chocolate brown shade to give contrast. I do think it would be a struggle for anyone with a complexion deeper than tan to get any depth though, so keep that as food for thought.

If you’re looking for a palette of light peach, tan and terracotta mid-tones – Wild Nothing will likely fill that void for you beautifully!

Shop the Wild Nothing Palette at Colourpop

One shade I’ve mentioned I was excited about was the pale mossy green yellow ‘Seashells’ and it doesn’t disappoint! It doesn’t scream “green!” to me, which is exactly what I wanted. Instead, it offers a really unique highlighter, inner corner or lid colour option that pops from the other shadows.

The worst performers were sadly the Supershock shades, which had more of a clear base just giving a sheen to the look rather than any colour. I’ll still get plenty of use out of them this way, but I would have loved for at least one of them to be more of a traditional metallic Supershock and not a sheer topper.

Overall, this palette didn’t disappoint and delivered what I expected: a soft, warm neutral palette with enough variety to give me a different look everyday if I wanted!

Colourpop Wild Nothing palette review and swatches

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