Fenty Beauty Freestyle Cream Bronzer amber Butta Biscuit

Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzers

Fenty Beauty Freestyle Cream Bronzer amber Butta Biscuit

IF YOU HADN’T HEARD, CREAM COSMETICS ARE ALL THE RAGe and fenty beauty cheeks out freestyle cream bronzers have jumped right on the trend.

My normal to dry skin loves a skin-like formula, which is exactly what Fenty is claiming with the Freestyle Bronzers.

The beauty of cream cheek, contour and bronzer products is that they really can have the ability to mimic skin texture (good or bad!). They are buildable, workable, mixable and perfect for on the go touch-ups.

When they’re good, they’re really good.

Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer review and swatches of the in the shades Amber (contour) and Butta Biscuit


Buuuuut, and its a big but, is I’ve found a real flaw in many cream makeup products, and that’s the lack of longevity. As someone who has dehydrated skin, it tends to pull the moisture out of anything. This can lead to patchy looking wear, especially on my cheeks.

When I saw Fenty Beauty had launched a cream version of their much loved (though not by me – read my review on the Sun Stalkr Bronzers here) powder bronzers, I knew I had to try them. Seven shades of bronze and contour creams in various undertones sounds like perfection right?


Fenty Beauty Freestyle Cream Bronzer amber Butta Biscuit



Available at Sephora | Fenty Beauty | Harvey Nichols


WHAT IT IS: “This bronzer delivers a natural-looking bronze in a range of sheer, buildable shades designed for all. Easy to blend and impossible to overdo, this light-as-air, sweat- and water-resistant formula instantly melts into skin without disturbing makeup to bronze, define, or contour with its range of undertones.” – Sephora


THE SHADE RANGE: I was sent the shades Amber (a cool-toned contour) and Butta Biscuit ( the lightest of the bronzers) to test out. The inclusivity is excellent with a range that goes very deep (something that creams often lack).


Fenty Beauty Freestyle Cream Bronzer amber Butta Biscuit



Fenty claims a sweat and water-resistant formula, and I would have to disagree. This broke down relatively quick on me, within a few hours) while out walking on a summer day.



As suggested, it is a non-greasy feeling cream that settles on the skin, but doesn’t turn to powder. 



These blend out beautifully, and don’t leave a tacky or sticky feeling behind on my normal to dry skin.

The brand claims them as sheer and buildable – they are sheerer than I expected and I felt like I much more on my brush than I anticipated to get the payoff I like. 

If you’re a tentative bronzer wearer, you will likely love that, but I found it a bit frustrating. A foundation buffing brush worked best in my applications for pigment but can walk a fine line of disrupting the foundation worn underneath. 





This is where these really let me down.

Much like the powder versions of these, I only feel I get a few hours of wear before the pigment wears away patchy and uneven.

I do have dehydrated skin, so those with oily complexions might actually like this more. I definitely feel like this is a product I would layer with a powder bronzer over top of to get the best mileage. 



Classic Fenty beauty mirrored gold octagon compact with a great full-sized mirror inside. 


You get 6.23g product for $42 CND, which isn’t exactly a fantastic value.

For example, the Tarte Breezy Bronzer I love is $38/16 grams of the product. Of course, with Fenty, you are getting more shade inclusivity and the contour option. 


Fenty Beauty Freestyle Cream Bronzer amber Butta Biscuit



I really like the texture of these creams, so it’s unfortunate they wear poorly on me.

They really blend out nicely and have a beautiful finish on the skin. That’s not to say they might wear better during the winter months, time will tell. 

The shade Amber is a very cool-toned contour – it’s actually to its betterment that it is sheer because I feel like it goes quite ashy on me, and I am relatively light-skinned. I definitely can’t wear it on its own without blending some of Butta Biscuit to warm up my face.

Butta Biscuit is more warm/golden that I usually go for when it comes to bronzers (I prefer something a touch darker and more neutral or even red-toned). I think if you are much fairer than me, you might struggle with it being too orange leaning.

Ultimately, I can see why people are loving these, and suspect if you don’t struggle with cream products not having longevity for you, you would love these too. I’ll be reaching for them when I need something only for a few hours or to sandwich with a powder. 



Fenty Beauty Freestyle Cream Bronzer amber Butta Biscuit


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