5 Favourite Morning Second Cleansers

5 Gentle Morning or Second Cleansers For All Skin Needs

5 Favourite Morning Second Cleansers


I rely on one to break down my makeup, and another to cleanser the skin. This method is known as “double cleansing” and since I caught on to the concept I could never go back! These days we’re all wearing SPF (right… you are wearing your sunscreen, aren’t you??) at the very least, and a full face at the most. It’s just not enough to expect one cleanser to rule them all!

Along the way, I’ve found myself being pretty picky about what I use as a second cleanser. After all, it is what I am relying on to treat my skin! The same sentiment goes for what I use to cleanse my skin in the morning.. and yes, I wash my face in the morning (hello sweat, dead skin, pillowcase drool… just saying).

So I’ve rounded up 5 cleansers that I’ve come to rely on to do the job of a second cleanse and/or a morning cleanse.


5 Favourite Morning Second Cleansers


5 Second and Morning Skin Cleansers

I’ve tried a lot of cleansers in my day, and some have definitely stood out for various reasons. Some add hydration, some remove leftover makeup residue, some are exfoliating and some are soothing. There’s something for all skincare needs and I definitely choose my cleanser on how my skin is feeling and looking in that moment!



5 Favourite Morning Second Cleansers For All Skin Needs


PIXI GLOW MUD CLEANSER // Available at Pixi Beauty | Cult Beauty | Ulta 

My skin LOVES this cleanser! It’s like an exfoliating treatment and cleanser in one, yet isn’t stripping or sensitizing. It’s got 5% glycolic acid in it to help sweep away dead, dry or congested skin and the mud helps draw out impurities.

I love the spa-like scent this has and it feels like I am giving myself a little facial when I massage it in. I’ve even been known to massage it on and then leave it for a few minutes as a little flash mask and my skin is so radiant and smooth after.


JOA BATH & BODY* // Available at Joa Bath & Body

If you love the lather of a foaming cleanser, then this is for you. I normally don’t go near foaming cleansers but this one is SO gentle and so soft. Formulated with calendula and chamomile, its soothing and calming, and while it isn’t fragranced, the natural scent is mellow.

I love to keep this in the shower; The pump top makes the perfect amount of airy foam that doesn’t feel like you need to rinse for ages to remove! 


5 Favourite Morning Second Cleansers


TATA HARPER REFRESHING CLEANSER // Available at Nordstrom | Cult Beauty | The Detox Market

Ahh the cleanser that made me fall in love with cleansers! This is just… special.

It smells like oranges (real juicy ones, not orange fragrance!) and gives such a refreshing feel to your cleansing routine. I adore it especially in the morning because it just seems to prep my skin for the day beautifully. 

I hate the price tag on this, but it’s truly worth it to me. Whenever I have this in my life, my skin just seems naturally clearer and calmer? It’s a creamy formula that rinses away easy leaving soft, smooth skin behind.


AVENE ANTIROUGEURS REDNESS RELIEF* // Available at Dermstore | Escentual | Look Fantastic

If you’ve ever suffered from reactive or sensitive, eczema/rosacea/dermatitis prone skin, then you need to get this cleanser in your life! Avene is my go-to whenever my skin decides it hates me, and it never leaves me down. 

This is a wonderful cleanser if you have a lot of actives in your skincare routine, got too much sun or if other cleansers can’t get the job done without irritation. I

t’s milky, calming and just rinses away whilst your skin is hydrated. 


OMOROVICZA HYDRA MELTING CLEANSER* // Available at Omorovicza | Cult Beauty | Look Fantastic

Remember I mentioned that sometimes you need a cleanser that can cut through that little bit of leftover makeup that your makeup remover didn’t get? This is that. Whether it’s in the morning after you did a lazy cleanse (no judgement here!) or if you need something after a full face of heavy sunscreen and makeup, this will do it. 

On its own, I don’t feel like its enough to remove my eye makeup, unless its a second cleanse. I’ve really enjoyed it as a morning cleanse as it has a creamy balm feel to it but without the heavy oils/butters/grease of traditional balm cleansers.

It also smells of lavender, which would be a good or bad thing depending on your skin. It definitely gives that spa experience again, but worth being warned if essential oils irritate you!




What is your current favourite cleanser?


5 Favourite Morning Second Cleansers

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