Hydration Heros for when you are stuck at home

5 Pandemic Friendly Skincare Products

Hydration Heros for when you are stuck at home

Turns out, being in a worldwide pandemic has made for some new skin challenges. I’ve got 5 pandemic friendly skincare products suggestions that might just help.

Besides the constant hand washing and sanitizing (I’ve never felt so germaphobic!), there’s also stress, recycled or central air to deal with.

In my case, the creek next door has been dug up for construction and there is just so much dust I feel like I’m living in some old lady’s attic. 

Like I said, the struggle. 

I’ve noticed that my skin is definitely feeling more dehydrated, yet I’m getting stress breakouts.My lips are SO dry, and the dullness… oh God the dullness. So that’s fun.

Beyond my regular skincare routines, there are a few products though that have pulled their weight a little extra. Here are 5 pandemic friendly skincare products for when you’re stuck inside, and your skin needs a little extra TLC.

5 Pandemic Friendly Skincare Products

5 Pandemic Friendly Skincare Products




Because I have never washed my hands so much, and I’m a toddler mom. 

I’m not the type that loves hand cream either, I find it greasy and a bit cringy if I’m honest. So it’s not my bag to apply it after every wash. I’d rather apply once in the evening and have it work its wonders while I sleep, and The Body Shop Hemp Hardworking Hand Protector* does an amazing job. 

It’s rich without making me feel like I’ve got butterfingers, yet turns sandpaper skin soft upon contact. I love that a little goes a long way, and it leaves a silky feel rather than sticky.

It also has an earthy scent that is super unisex and doesn’t leave me getting wafts of perfume all day. 

Hydration Heros for when you are stuck at home


Between the dust in the air, the staleness of being inside more than ever, and the allergy season causing sinus freakout, my lips have seen better days. 

If you’ve struggled with peeling lips, you’ll know it’s a slippery slope and not one that is easy to fix. That’s when I reach for La Roche Posay Cicaplast Levres Barrier Repairing Balm. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s less of a balm and more of a serum that penetrates deep into the lips. It actually repairs cracks, chapped and peeling lips, unlike a purely moisture driven product, would.

Since it isn’t a moisturizing product, per se, I always follow it up with an emollient occlusive balm, like Lanolips 101 Ointment MultiBalm – the Mint is my fave. It gives gorgeous plump hydration to the lips, seals in the La Roche Posay treatment, and the combo is a one-two punch that gets my lips looking better within hours. 


Hydration Heros for when you are stuck at home


When it comes to complexion, I like to sandwich primer and setting spray to really boost my radiance and kick dull complexion to the curb. While there are loads of primers and mists I like, two really have risen to the top during this time.

I start with Tarte Cosmetics Base Tape Primer*, which is a dry skinned girls dream. If you don’t have dry skin, but still need hydration, this could easily double as a moisturizer pre-makeup. 

Base Tape has a lotion feel that instantly softens and plumps up the skin, prepping it for makeup. I’ve found it to be a recipe for good makeup days, especially when wearing a fuller coverage base. 

I like so then set any makeup I wear with Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Mist, which gives actually real skin glow. Many setting sprays rely on shimmer, mica, crushed pearl or any actual additive to give glow. Tatcha’s mist was actually created as a skincare step, and it really helps melt makeup into the skin, giving it a real skin-like look. 

It’s not going to make your makeup last. It’s wont stop oil or breakdown. It’s a step that takes makeup from makeup to good skin!







5 Pandemic Friendly Skincare Products

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