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Dragging Out the Summer Glow

clarins instant light radiance boosting complexion base in 05

We’re nearing the end of August, which means for this part of the world that Summer is not going to be around much longer. This time of year I always feel a bit torn. On one hand by this stage of the season I am tired of feeling like I’m in a constant state of sweat and am seriously daydreaming about cosy sweaters and clothing in layers. On the other hand I still want a (fake) tan and apply bronzer all over my body. Enter in the product that helps seasonal transition easier and makes dragging out the summer glow effortless.

clarins instant light radiance boosting complexion base in 05
Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base (despite the incredibly long name) has been a long time favourite of mine. I usually reach for shade 01, which is a gorgeous pearly rose ivory that mixes beautifully with foundation as well as wears well on its own below or on top of makeup. Recently I got my hands on the shade 05 Golden Bronze, which I’ve decided is the perfect end of summer product.
On my light-medium skin this is like a cream bronzer with a subtle glow that gives life to the skin (no sparkles, I promise!). It works beautifully as a rub on and go boost of colour, or can mix with your foundation that might still be too pale for your summer skin until it transitions to its full winter glory. I also love it blended on to cheekbones, temples and across the bridge of the nose on top of your makeup as a gorgeous soft warmth minus the fear of orange colouring or the patchiness that a gel bronzer can leave. It really is such a versatile product, especially come the cooler months when you might not want to layer one more powder product on your face. Given that this is Clarins, naturally it has all sorts of skin nourishing properties as well.
On tan or darker skins this shade will predominantly act as more of a glow and less of a bronzer. Unlike other radiance enhancing products that might go ashy on darker skin tones, this will brighten and even out a dull complexion! 
There are 5 shades in total of the Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base range, with 05 being the darkest. 
What’s your favourite product for the end of Summer and beginning of Fall?


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