10 Books My Toddler Loves to Read


Ok, maybe book worm is a stretch, but she loves being read to and we’ve been known to read the same few books over and over… and over. You won’t catch me complaining though, because when your super active busy little toddler sits for a book to be read, you just enjoy it. We’ve started a small, but well-curated library for her full of books that have great rhymes, empowering sentiment, and room to grow with her. 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend who’s just had a baby, or one who has a active toddler that needs something to focus on, here’s a collection of 10 of Everly’s (and ours) favourite stories:

UNI THE UNICORN, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal: This is one of the newest in our little library. It’s the sweetest story about the power of friendship and staying true to your beliefs with a narrative twist that makes it stand out from typical fairy tales. 

LITTLE BLUE TRUCK, by Alice Shertle: The other newest edition to our library that is all about not underestimating the little guy, lending a helping hand without expecting thanks, and getting by with a little help from your friends. 

GIRAFFES CAN’T DANCE, by Gilles Andreae: Gerald the Giraffe isn’t known for his dancing skills and the other animals make sure to tell him. This story is about finding confidence in yourself and not letting others dictate what you love. 

THE PAPER BAG PRINCESS, by Robert Munsch: A classic story from one of the most well-known children’s authors out there. I remember reading this one as a child myself! It tells the story of a girl who saves a boy only to realize she’s much strong that she realizes… and she deserves much better.

TIME FOR BED, by Mem Fox: Everly loves to read this cute bedtime story about animals going to bed. Not only does it help teach the names of animals, but it’s soothing tone and rhymes are the perfect pre-slumber read. “It’s time to sleep little bee, little bee. Yes I love you, and you love me”

I LOVE YOU SO, by Marianne Richmond: The first time I read this to Everly, it got me a bit misty-eyed #momhormones. Its story goes beyond the typical doting of love from a parent to child but also explains that even when they are naughty, cranky, or misbehave, we’ll still love them. Sometimes as parents we forget that children need to be reminded they are safe. “I love you without liking the naughty things you do” 

BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR, WHAT DO YOU SEE?, by Bill Martin: Another childhood classic I can remember from being very young. I always loved the unique illustrations (so very 60’s) and it’s a great way for Everly to learn colours and animals and she’s started to say the animal names and make their sounds.

GRUMPY BIRD, by Jeremy Tankard: We all know that feeling of waking up on the wrong side of the nest bed. Grumpy Bird learns that despite pushing them away, his friends are there through thick or thin to help lift his mood. 

TEN LITTLE FINGERS AND TEN LITTLE TOES, by Mem Fox: A story about babies born all over the world, in all different situations, but they all have fingers and toes. It’s a good reminder that children are born without prejudices and it’s our job to keep it that way.

HOME SWEET HOME, by Make Believe Ideas: A classic tale of the grass not always being greener on the other side. Turtle decides he needs something shiny and new, only to realize maybe what he already had was perfect all along.


10 Best Toddler Books for Ages 0-2

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, my sister is no longer able to take care of her children and my husband and I are taking them in. They are 5 and 3 years old. We’ve done a good job getting our home clean and fresh thanks to some help from a local carpet cleaning friend, but we need to actually get some kid friendly things now like these books. Thanks again for sharing.

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