Stranger Things On Netflix

5 Random Things I Loved This Summer

Stranger Things On Netflix

Autumn is upon us, and in a moment of fleeting nostalgia the other day, I got to thinking about some of the non-beauty related things I was obsessed with this summer. It’s a bit of a mish-mash; A Netflix marathon has me wondering how long it is going to be for season 2, and my favourite snack has me understanding why so many health related articles online suggest a handful of nuts for a snack. Oh yeah, and I found out I was one of those women wearing the wrong bra size all this time (seriously, I thought I knew better!).

Stranger Things on Netflix

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, you need to get on that pronto my friend. Think ‘The Goonies’ meets ‘Aliens’. Set in 1983 (the year I was born I’ll have you know) with some of the best era-accurate staging/wardrobe I’ve seen in ages. If you’re old enough, it will have you saying things like, “We had wallpaper just like that!” – in between peeking through your fingers.


Walnuts, Because Almonds are Boring

I always scoffed at people who said they could be satisfied eating a handful of nuts as a snack, I mean c’mon – that was a joke, right? In my quest to get fit (more on that soon) I’ve been incorporating some healthier options to snack and add to my lunches, and on a whim, I picked up raw walnuts. Turns out a quarter cup keeps me going between lunch and dinner and has all sorts of great health benefits. Research has shown that a serving a day can cut the risk of Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Heart attack by 50%!


The Correct Size Sports Bra, Thanks to Victoria’s Secret

Another step in the direction of getting in shape had me out purchasing sports bras the other day. Now I won’t mince words – I am well endowed and it isn’t easy to find a decent sports bra. Upon first shopping I was blown away by how many athletic brands don’t think through the design of their sports bras for larger chested women (there were so many I couldn’t even get over my head and shoulders, yet the cup size was correct!?). Enter in Victoria’s Secret, and a very helpful clerk who informed me that I had actually gone down a size around the chest (thank you gym!) but up a cup size (say whaaaa?). Apparently, I was one of those women that walked around in the wrong-sized bra. Thankfully I got myself all set with The Knockout Front Close (there are two layers of support!) and I feel like a new woman!


Fizzy Water > Coke

I adore anything fizzy, and pop (or soda for my American buddies) is a major weakness of mine. I’ve switched all my Coke Zero drinking for sparkling water, and after being gifted this Sodastream model, I’ll probably never have to buy a bottle of Perrier again! I love it plain, or with some lime squeezed in, but it also works if you want to cut it with a little cranberry juice for a cocktail, which is a better option than the sodium-bomb that is Club Soda!

Booties, For Those Who Hate Heels

My friends love to laugh at the fact that I have crazy small feet. They’re so small I buy my sneakers in the kids section, which while great for my wallet, doesn’t lend itself to balancing very well on heels. I’ve recently fallen in love with ankle boots, and have been reaching for them when I need to look put together, but trendy at the same time. The comfort level is fabulous, I don’t find myself wanting to go barefoot halfway through the night, and they dress up and down. I recently purchased this super soft black leather pair from Nordstrom and want them in every colour now.

What new discoveries did you fall in love with this Summer?

Have you seen Stranger Things?




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  1. I too discovered the joys of fizzy water. Most of the time, I just want anything fizzy so a friend gave me some organic fruit syrup that I have just been adding to seltzer water and it has been totally quenching my thirst!

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