My Top 5 Clarins Products
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My Top 5 Clarins Products


In fact, two of these products are what sparked me to start writing Girl Loves Gloss. How’s that for special? I was thinking the other day about products that I never want to be without. You know those products that you might actually cry a bit if you found out they were discontinued? Clarins started popping up a lot, so I decided to dedicate an entire post to 5 products I absolutely adore. 

My Top 5 Clarins Products MY TOP 5 CLARINS PRODUCTS

Clarins is available at Sephora | Nordstrom | Escentual | Ulta

Firstly, let’s talk about the product that single-handedly revolutionized my skincare routine about 6 years ago: Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner. Not only was this the first acid exfoliator that I ever used, but it seems to be a cures-what-ails-you any time my skin freaks out. I always have to have a bottle of this on hand, regardless of what other acid based products I’m loving at the moment, nothing really beats this for me. It’s gentle enough that I can use it daily, and my skin absolutely loves it. I can always tell when I’ve taken too much time away.

The next for most repurchased and easily the most used cosmetic item I have ever owned in the Instant Light Lip Perfectors. I can’t count how many people I have inadvertently sold this to! It’s easy to rave about; Think gloss/balm hybrid with a touch of colour to make lips look plump and soft. Shade 5 is my signature lip colour, and pretty much everyone who’s met me has watched me pull it out of my bag and apply. It’s also apparently Kate Middleton’s favourite lip product so ya know, just saying…

Another thing Kate and I have in common, is both having had babies rather recently. I miraculously made it through my entire pregnancy without a single stretch mark. Yep, you read that right – no stretch marks! I oiled up my belly with the Tonic Body Treatment Oil* every night and after every shower through my pregnancy and my skin just drank it up! Not only does it smell spa-like and comforting to me, but it sinks in without feeling heavy or greasy. I’m a believer!

My Top 5 Clarins Products

So lastly, let’s talk sun: the real and the fake. I fell in love with Clarin’s sunscreens mainly because of the delish nostalgic scent that I just can’t get enough of. I’ve photographed the Sun Care Milk-Lotion Spray*, which comes in an SPF 20 (which is increasingly hard to find) and a 50. I actually adore the Sunscreen Care Oil SPF 30 the most because of the glisten it gives my skin and I’ve never once burned with it.

I do however love a little fake glow, and a product I’ve relied on for years for the face, is the Liquid Bronze. It is easily the most low maintenance tanner I’ve ever worked with; You can wear under makeup, over skin care, at night – whatever tickles your fancy. It’s gradual but works quickly with a couple of applications. I often put this on in the morning under my makeup. The colour is so natural, it seems to work with your skin tone. It’s also amazing to extend the life of a darker tanner or a vacation. It’s a lotion texture, which means in the summer I can actually get away without a moisturizer when I wear it!

My Top 5 Clarins Products

What are your favourite Clarins products?

Ever have a product you’ve loved for years be sold out everywhere thank’s to a celebrity? (I’m looking at you Kate!)



My Top 5 Clarins Products

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