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lancome hypnose drama mascara review before and after

Are you bored of Mascara Mondays yet? Hopefully not because I really love trying out new ones for you all to review here on Girl Loves Gloss. I like to think of myself as a bit of a mascara connoisseur, and it’s probably the product that lets me down the most out of all I try. It just makes such an impact in your finished look, don’t you know?  This time round I’m road testing a cult classic,  Lancôme Hypnôse Drama and putting it to the test…

lancome hypnose drama mascara review before and after

lancome hypnose drama mascara review before and after
bare lashes, one coat, two coats, three coats

Lancôme claims that the Hypnôse Drama mascara will deliver full bodied, high volume lashes in a single stroke. Those are some pretty big claims, and it doesn’t quite live up to the ‘single stroke’ promise as you can see in my before and afters, but it does build and layer very well, building volume along the way!

The Brush
This has a traditional wire mascara brush to it, but in an atypical “S” shaped curve. Apparently the curve is supposed to grab and coat all lashes, but I’ll be honest, I don’t really see the very subtle “s” shape really grabbing my lashes any differently or getting into tough spots any easier, but that might vary person to person.

The Formula
The formula is a thicker more mousse like texture, which is probably why it built upon itself well. I find wet formulas tend to leave lashes stickier and crispier, while the thicker formulas stay soft and pliable, which is the case with Hypnôse Drama. This kept the curl in my lashes fairly well for a thicker mascara formula, and left them fanned out nicely in the outer corners.

The Wear Time
I wore this all day with no smudges or flakes, which was refreshing given it isn’t a waterproof formula like what I usually go for. I also found this didn’t run immediately with water when I went to wash it off, but cleansed off well with my regular cleanser (no dedicated eye makeup remover).

My Thoughts
Overall, I can see why this mascara has a bit of a following behind it. I liked how I could build it up without getting really chunky looking, like I found Grandiose to be in my . While I still feel like Lancôme mascaras are a bit of a splurge, if you have the money to treat yourself to one, this would probably be the one I would reccommend!


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