5 great Moisturizers for Dry Skin

5 Moisturizers For Dry Skin


As a dry, dehydrated skin type, sometimes I just want a good old reliable moisturizer. Not specifically a night cream, or with SPF for day, or retinol or AHAs or any other revolutionary actives. I’m a girl who loves a good skincare routine, and wants a nice, hydrating cream to start the day or end the night with. I like to have options you know? I want something for warmer weather, cool temps, under makeup, to soothe skin woes… I get it, I’m high maintenance. 

But I’m extra picky so that you don’t have to be! I’ve compiled 5 amazing moisturizers that I like to keep at my disposal for any of my skin’s needs. These are all geared for a dehydrated (heads up, pretty much everyone has dehydrated skin, even if you’re oily!), normal to dry to very dry skin. If you’ve got mature skin that needs more nourishment, have flaky, reactive or just generally tight feeling skin – this post is for you. All of these creams can be interchanged between daytime and evening; There is no sunscreen in them.

5 great Moisturizers for Dry Skin


Available at Look Fantastic | iHerb | Pixi Beauty 

BEST SUITED FOR: Normal to dry skins, or those who want something less rich during the summer months. It would also work for those with oil or combo skin who want something more hydrating in the winter. 

TEXTURE: A gel-creme hybrid that feels incredibly light, yet instantly hydrating.

PACKAGING: A squeeze tube. Great for travel, on the go, those who don’t want heavy glass jars or don’t like sticking their fingers in jars. 

FRAGRANCE: Very subtle herbal/botanical scent. Surprisingly it doesn’t smell like roses, so no worries there for those who are faint of perfume. 

WORTH NOTING: There is Dimethicone and fragrance in this formula.

WHY I LIKE IT: It’s a great lightweight option for those who don’t love thicker creams under makeup. In the summertime when it’s already balmy here and I know I’m going to be topping with a heavier SPF, Rose Ceramide Cream is a great daytime moisturizer for me. 



Available at Sephora | Ulta | BeautyLish

BEST SUITED FOR: Mature, dry and/or dehydrated skin who are looking for a cream to help restore the bounce, hydration and plumpness to the skin. 

TEXTURE: A silky feeling cream that instant softens and plumps the skin. 


FRAGRANCE: Very subtle clean scent, that dissipates almost instantly. 

WORTH NOTING: Shea butter, for those who need to avoid it. It does contain Dimethicone, though significantly further down the ingredient list than the aforementioned Pixi. Contains citrus/lavender/sandalwood and tea tree oils. 

WHY I LIKE IT: This is a lush feeling cream that instantly boosts the skin giving it a juicy, hydrated and youthful look. Once it’s sunk into the skin, it leaves behind a soft, smooth feel that is perfectly prepped for makeup or to hit the sheets. The formula is soothing and calming for sensitivity and plays nice with all the serums, oils and other treatments I’ve tried it with. 



Available at Sephora | iHerb

BEST SUITED FOR: It claims normal to dry, but if you’re heavy handed with your creams I would say more just for dry skin. This might be too heavy for those who aren’t dry to use during the daytime (though I have no problem with it!)

TEXTURE: Rich cream, that gives a lush hydration to the skin and stays a bit balmy on the skin. 

PACKAGING: (Gorgeous blue) glass jar.

FRAGRANCE: Subtle clean scent that does linger, albeit very mild. 

WORTH NOTING: While Dimethicone is the 5th ingredient, it does come after Squalane. 

WHY I LIKE IT: This is my most recent favourite and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who loves a rich, comforting cream. I will most definitely pick it up again for the cooler and drier months. I wore this day and night, but found I used much less of it during the day under my makeup. It was beautifully hydrating and soothing post retinol or exfoliation. 

5 great Moisturizers for Dry Skin


Available at Origins | Amazon | FeelUnique

BEST SUITED FOR: Dry, dehydrated and/or mature skin. NOTE: there are other versions of this formula for normal, and combo skin.

TEXTURE: A rich cream that instantly soothes and nourishes the skin whilst sinking in beautifully. 

PACKAGING: Plastic Jar

FRAGRANCE: Slightly earthy and ‘green’ smelling

WORTH NOTING: There is Dimethicone, though significantly low on the list. The formula also includes essential/citrus oils. 

WHY I LIKE IT: This is the cream I have repurchased many, many times over. It’s been my go-to for about decade now, and is always the cream I fall back on when I am not trying anything new. It’s super hydrating, soothing, plumping and works perfectly under makeup or at the end of the night as a night cream. 



Available at Well.ca | Amazon | Dermstore

BEST SUITED FOR: Super dry, irritated, flaky, rough skin, or those who need to seal some serious moisture in fast. 

TEXTURE: Thick and balmy, no doubt due to the lanolin and beeswax in it. It has an almost glossy effect that makes for a gorgeous natural highlight on the cheekbones. 

PACKAGING: Squeeze tube.

FRAGRANCE: Fairly strong herbal scent. 

WORTH NOTING: There is lanolin so those with allergies beware. The fragrance comes from natural essential oils.

WHY I LIKE IT: I fell in love with this after horrifying myself by accidentally using very strong retinol with a skin brightening product in conjunction. My poor face was itchy, peeling and rough like sandpaper. So I grabbed a tube of this and slathered it on my face to keep all my other products sealed in, and it worked like a hot damn! While many might find this too thick (it really benefits from the warmth of your hands as you apply), I wouldn’t consider it an everyday cream. This is what I reach for when I know I am using some aggressive products,  or need to take care of some rough spots (because Weleda formulated this to be used all over the body!)

Fun Fact: Skin Food is Weleda’s best selling product and has been since 1926 when it as created!




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5 great Moisturizers for Dry Skin

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