Sephora Birthday Wishlist
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The Annual Birthday Wishlist

Sephora Birthday Wishlist


Ok, so a bit dramatic, but I honestly just don’t love my birthday. Maybe it’s a weird reverse Gemini thing or the fact that I have an appaling history of bad birthdays behind me. One thing I do love to do each year though is to treat myself to a little something-something. Since being a stay at home mom, my ‘beauty budget’ is pretty non-existent, but I figured I deserve some sort of retail therapy for the countless hours of toddler chasing I do! I polled over on Instagram to see if you all would like a post featuring the products I am most interested in currently, and the results were a resounding YES (98%!).

  1. SKINFIX RESURFACE AHA RENEWING CREAM Sephora $60 cnd. I’ve suffered from keratosis pilaris (those little red bumps often found on the backs of your arms) since I was young, and pregnancy most definitely aggravated it. It’s something that bothered me so much as a teen, I didn’t wear sleeveless shirts in public until I was about 18. I’ve heard this cream is amazing at keeping things smooth and soft and I most definitely would be the prime target to test it!
  2. ISLE OF PARADISE EXPRESS EXTRA-DARK TANNING MOUSSESephora $38 cnd. Created by tanning legend Jules Von Hep, I love that this claims to be a colour correcting violet based formula. So many tanning mousses are olive based which makes me go so yellow. 
  3. CHARLOTTE TILBURY GLOWGASM FACE PALETTESephora $95 cnd. Can we just all have a collective moment for how gorgeous this palette is? I mean… yowza. Give me all the pearly, glowing, bronzy, rose gold goodness please. 
  4. COVERFX MONOCHROMATIC MATTE + SHIMMER DUOSephora $47 cnd. I am not going to lie, one of these is sitting in my sephora shopping care right this moment. Heck, I might even check out before finishing this post. It has the makings of everything I love: Peach? Check. Matte and shimmer options? Check. Slim, chic compact? Check. 
  5. THE ORDINARY SQUALANE CLEANSERSephora $7.90 cnd. It’s got squalane in it, its a balm to oil cleanser. What more about it could I love? Travel-friendly packaging? The insanely affordable price? A non stripping formula? All of the above please!
  6. VERB DRY SHAMPOO FOR DARK HAIRSephora $18 cnd. It is SO hard to find decent dry shampoo for dark hair. Even the most ‘invisible formulas’ seem to leave an ashy cast on my hair. I’m always interested in trying new formulas, and this price point is about the max I’d spend on a product I go through so quickly (#momlife).
  7. MARC JACOBS O!MEGA BRONZER COCONUT PERFECT TANSephora $59 cnd. you guys, my bronzer hoarding tendencies are real. I just can’t help it after hearing rave review after review! Will I ever indulge myself in this spendy wishlist purchase? Time will tell. 
  8. THAT MOMENT WHEN YOU ACCIDENTALLY SKIP #8 – Which happens to be your lucky number. Hopefully, that’s not a bad omen…oops!
  9. LANEIGE LIP GLOWY BALMSephora $20 cnd. We all know how much I love the lip sleeping mask, so I have no doubt this will be equally as lush. Plus it comes in grapefruit scent – YUM.
  10. NATASHA DENONA CONTOUR SCULPTING POWDER IN COOL MEDIUMSephora $49 cnd. Does this not look like the most amazing undertone for a contour powder? Not grey, not orange, just true, sculpting nuetral. I’ll probably be a slave to contour powders until the day I finally lose this baby weight, so it’s work it to me to invest!


Do any of my wishlist picks also excite you? Do you own any? What would you wishlist for your birthday? Let me know in the comments below.

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Sephora Birthday Wishlist

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