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Liquid Eyeshadow Favourites from Stila, CoverFx and Shue Uemura

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] never thought I would see the day where I proclaim my love for a liquid eyeshadow formula, but apparently, the day has come. Gone are the days of cream and liquid shadows being greasy sticky messes that move the minute you blink; Today’s formulas are no joke. I’ve narrowed down to my 3 favourites and I love them for all for differing reasons. If you love liquid eyeshadow, or oppositely don’t get why you should, keep reading!

Liquid Eyeshadow Favourites from Stila, CoverFx and Shue UemuraLiquid Eyeshadow Favourites from Stila, CoverFx and Shue Uemura

The Best Liquid Eyeshadow Formulas

Liquid eyeshadows can vary in formula, pigmentation and wear. I’ve sorted out my three favourite brands and shades on the basis of what I look for in a cream or liquid product. I want something that has a touch of play time before drying down and setting so I can buff it out with a brush if desired. The formula has to stay flexible, not cracking or flaking and must set to a crease-free finish.

CoverFx Shimmer Veils* (Available at Sephora | BeautyBay | Ulta | CultBeauty ) are my top choice for a glittering or sparkling finish. The shade range isn’t huge, but these are incredibly versatile. You can easily layer them over powder or cream eyeshadow for a pop of glam. If you’re looking to add some sparkle to your look without the faff of glitter fall down everywhere, these are ace. The mousselike texture allows you to vary intensity either on its own or over something else.


Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow ( Available at Sephora | Beauty Bay | Ulta | Cult Beauty) have the widest range of colours and the best neutral range in my opinion. These have a creamy, whipped-like formula with a metallic finish to them without the glitter. Favourites are Kitten and Grace (champagne and taupe respectively). These apply beautifully whether with your finger or a brush and diffuse and buff out perfectly for a one and done look.


Sue Uemura Eye Foils* (Available at Sephora) are gorgeously pigmented and apply so smooth, having the most liquid texture of the lot. Champagne Gold is a unique buttercream yellow shade that I’ve not seen anywhere else! The applicator on these allows for a smooth, consistent application, but they can be easily sheered out. Once it sets, it’s bulletproof even lasting through a good cry or a heatwave (I’ve tested both!)

Liquid Eyeshadow Favourites from Stila, CoverFx and Shue Uemura

Have you tried liquid eyeshadow before?
If so, what is your favourite formula?

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