Holiday 2017 MAC Giveaway!

I know I know, I am on a roll with the giveaways, right? I love to be able to send all sorts of pretty new things to you all to say thanks for reading this time of year! Today’s giveaway is one of the fabulous MAC Personality Palettes in Rockin Rebel, which was limited edition and no longer available (ohhh ahhhh!) – to see how to enter, just keep reading!

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MAC Rockin Rebel Personality Palette Giveaway

Enter using the form below – **don’t forget to see how to get extra entries over on Instagram!**

  • Open worldwide
  • You must be 18+ of age to enter
  • Giveaway is open now until Dec 20th.
  • Winner will be contacted via email or social media depending on entry and will have 3 business days to answer before a redraw.
  • All entries are verified, so don’t bother fudging, I will know!
  • Sending me private messages asking for you to win will equal an automatic disqualification. That’s just not cool.

PLEASE NOTE: I’ve just had my first baby and so giveaway prizes will be mailed after the holidays when there is time to get to the post office with a newborn 😉


Enter to Win:

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  1. The best gift I have ever gotten would be an Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade. It’s crazy how expensive the stuff is!

  2. The two largest value gifts I’ve been given in my life are two different cars. I will never forget I was in high school and it was about the last period of the day and I was called to the principles office over the intercom. I knew I had not done anything wrong but when I got to the principles office my daddy was in there talking to the principle, which was rare, so rare it was probably the first time. So I was not sure of the situation. Anyway daddy told me to come on and go with him. He carried me to the car dealership and bought my first car. Not too long after I started college I was going to work, I always worked part time while getting my degree, I had a wreck which wasn’t my fault and totaled my car. I was so upset. So daddy bought me another nicer car. I appreciated both very much. But honestly couldn’t appreciate either of them completely until I wore the second one out and I bought the next one and those payments got old really fast.

  3. On my 40th birthday, one
    of my friends organized everything to surprise me with a dinner where
    most of my friends were from childhood to the present. A
    crazy thing because I had reserved a table in that restaurant for 7
    people and in the end we were 25. It was an incredible night and they
    had been organizing it for months and I did not find out.

  4. Well,i always receive the best gift,not in a fancy way,but in a sentimental or my family really know me kind of present,but last year,after 6 years dating,finally i received the question and the ring,so yeah,so far,that was the best one,getting proposed by my sweet face fiance.

  5. Not sure if you’ll count this is the “right” answer, but the best gift if ever recieved was my 5 children from God ?.

  6. The best gift i was ever given was a cat, tortoiseshell cat called Misha. I went completely crazy when I saw her in the basket.

  7. My favorite gift would have to be a box of my fave chocolate bars, they can not be found in my country so my friend had his relatives buy them from Switzerland and send them to him so he could give them to me. :))

  8. The best gift I was ever given was a locket. My mother gave it to me when I turned 16. (I am 65 now) Her mother had given t to her when she was 16 in 1934. It has pictures of my parents in it when they were dating. So special t me.

  9. Best gift was on my 20th birthday, when my boyfriend came to my country for a visit. His time and love is always the best gift. 🙂

  10. The best gift I was ever given was a teddy bear. It was cheap but the sentiment behind it made me so happy.

  11. The best gift I have ever been given was a 6 month old kitten the night I came home from my breast cancer surgery. He was an affectionate orange tabby that I named Clarence, after the character in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. That little boy was the most friendly, affectionate, hilarious cat. He was my little guardian angel kitty. He developed inflammatory bowel disease and became diabetic 4 years ago and nearly died. I nursed him back to health and he lived 4 more years. He passed away this year on June 1st. My heart is still broken. It will be my first Christmas without him. And it was my first cancer anniversary without him (Oct. 27, 2017). By far, he has been the best gift I could have ever been given.

  12. The best gifts are always the ones I’m least expecting. For my birthday this year, my boyfriend got me a green Gameboy color along with some Pokemon games. I had mentioned having one when I was younger kind of off-hand, saying how much I missed it. Was totally surprised he even remembered me talking about it!

  13. The best gift for me was a surprise from my mom for my 18th birthday which i really didn’t expect. Love you mom! <3

  14. Best gift I have ever received was when my nephew arrived into this world early than expected (January 8th, 2015) and it made me the happiest aunt! 🙂

  15. The best gift I ever received was this year on my 8th wedding anniversery. My husband replaced my wedding and emgagement rings! I had an heirloom engagement ring that has been put up for my children, and lots my wedding band years ago. It’s wonderful!

  16. Best gift given to me was my dad’s permission me dye my hair & my first phone on my freshman yr of high school ?

  17. The best gift I ever got was a ring my mother bought for me before I moved to another country being 16. It was a great memory to take with me!

  18. The best gift that I ever received was a necklace that my husband gave me on our first Christmas together. We were dating at the time, and it was so thoughtful.

  19. The best gift I’ve ever received, besides my two children, was when my friends and family got together and instead of gifts they gave me what I always ask for. They put all of the gift money together and split it three ways amongst the three charities closest to my heart. It’s my idea of a perfect gift!

  20. I have received the best gifts on my 18th birthday. It was hundreds of little notes to me and a video of my friends (and classmates) each wishing me a happy birthday (that was because i moved away so the best they can give me is a video greeting!) That one makes me smile until now ♡

  21. My favorite gift I’ve ever received was a stuffed animal rabbit from my grandmother before she passed away. I still have it and will give it to my kids one day!

  22. 2 years ago when my then boyfriend and now hubby surprised me for my birthday by giving a surprise visit from abroad.. I was not expecting as we were staying in different continent and I always used to plan and book his travel tickets and stay. He planned everything for my birthday, so it was perfect gift for my birthday,.. I think giving your time to someone you love is the perfect and precious gift anyone can give.

  23. The best gift I have received were two hamsters from my boyfriend. He knows I love animals and I wanted hamsters for a long time because I find them so cute, so he got me exactly what I wanted.<3

  24. Best gift ever was when they removed my husbands cancer tumor. No other gift will be able to compare. Everything else is trivial <3

  25. My husband is the best gift giver. I do don’t have one specific gift that I love. All his gifts are spot on and great.

  26. One of the best gifts I have ever received was Perfume La Panthere by Cartier. My best friend gave it to me 2 years ago.Thank you for the giveaway!

  27. This palette is great -love the name and shades ? Best gift I ever got were gold croatian traditional earrings from my sisters -I wear them all the time & I carry a piece of history with me

  28. Best gift ever was my daughter. She is still the best blessingand best thing ever happened to me and my reason to smile.

  29. For me I think the best gift I ever got isn’t a material object but the thing that my parents did for me. It was my 7th birthday and I spontaneously decided to host a birthday party. I had not asked or even discussed it with my parents before. So I called up my friends and told them that I was having a ‘Birthday Party’ and that they should show up at my house. My parents were quite flustered but they still managed to put together a sorta party for me. We had cake, chips and whatnot…. but nobody showed up. Turns out I hadn’t given anyone my address. Despite that my parents didn’t tell me off but celebrated my birthday with me. That was the BEST.

  30. The best gift I’ve received from my mom is a photo album . She wanted me to put pictures that have beautiful memories.

  31. The best gift I was ever given was a seahorse snow globe. My mother and I found a seahorse on the beach one summer, the summer before I left for college. We put the seahorse back into the ocean and the next day I left for school. My mother got me the snow globe to remind me that I might now be a small fish in a big pond, but she will always be there for me when I need it.

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