MAC Robert Lee Morris Collection

MAC Robert Lee Morris Collection Review | Part 1

MAC Robert Lee Morris Collection

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you watched my Instagram stories the other day, you’ll know that I was surprised to see the MAC Robert Lee Morris Collection land on my desk. I find it hard these days to get excited about a lot of the collaborative collections that brands release, but MAC always manages to go outside of the box and this is true to reputation. Robert Lee Morris is a jewellery designer with heavy sculptural influence, and his work is reflected in this collaboration beautifully. You may not know this about me, but I actually ran my own business as a silversmith/metalsmith fabricating my own designs for 10 years – so this collection already ticks the ‘Interesting’ box for me!

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This post will be part one of two reviewing the pieces of the collection I have (which is almost the entire collection spare a couple brushes). You’re going to want to check back for part two of this review in order not to miss out on an !


Let’s delve into the packaging because clearly, that’s what we’re all here for. The MAC Robert Lee Morris Collection is hard to miss. Bronze pods of powder that are hard to miss, and will be even harder to make room for in a makeup bag will surely end up being a collector’s item. Something to note though – the blushes have significantly more product in them than the regular collection blushes (10grams vs 6grams). However, the Pro LongWear Powder is actually a gram short (10 grams vs 11 grams) than the permanent line Pro Longwear Powder.

These antiqued bronze oval pods are sculpturally gorgeous to look at, and one or two would make an amazing addition to one’s vanity. Inside the powder is an oval compact that comes with a plastic divider with two functions: It products the powder and provides a mirror.

The Blushes 

MAC Robert Lee Morris Collection

MAC X Robert Lee Morris Blush Collection

The actual blushes themselves come in three shades in this collection. Rhubarb (not the same as the shade of the same name in the regular line), Linda and Peach. The formulation on these is BEAUTIFUL (yes, caps were needed). I’ve rarely been impressed by a MAC blush, spare a few. I often find them fade insanely fast, and unreliable in the pigmentation department. The formula of the Robert Lee Morris Blushes is smooth and buttery and you barely need to tap your brush to it to pick up the product. They applied to the skin evenly without catching and lasted all day. All three have shimmer in them, but it is well refined and doesn’t emphasize my pores.

Robert Lee Morris Blush Rhubarb: Golden maroon bronze

Robert Lee Morris Blush Linda: Golden peach bronze

Robert Lee Morris Blush Peach: Gold champagne highlight

MAC Robert Lee Morris Collection


MAC Robert Lee Morris Collection

MAC X Robert Lee Morris Pro Longwear Powder & 135 Brush

In the same packaging as the blushes, MAC also launched the Pro Longwear Face Powder. If you’re a fan of this powder and love the concept of this design you might want to treat yourself. However, as I mentioned earlier there is actually a gram less of product in this packaging that the regular so keep that in mind.

The shades available are Light Plus, Medium Plus and Deep, which match to the regular line (though there are more options available in the permanent selection). I have never used the original formula, so I can’t claim anything in terms of improvements or downgrades. I will say that it is a nice silky formula face powder. Since I have dry skin, I don’t need the oil-absorbing property, but it was long wearing and set my makeup nicely all day!

The real winner of these two for me is the 135 Brush. Goodness, this brush is beautifully soft and I love the metal handle with leatherette detailing. The chiselled shape on both sides makes it ideal for light bronzer application as well as powder.  I noticed no shedding, and it picks up the pigment of soft formula powder products well (it may not be the ideal choice for a powder that is a firmer press). This is the perfect brush for someone who tends to go heavy-handed, it is so soft that it makes going overboard pretty much impossible!

MAC Robert Lee Morris Collection


There is absolutely no denying the uniqueness of this collection. I love it when MAC launches something that I can actually get excited about. More so, the product formulations in this launch really hold their own – something that isn’t always true of MAC collections. If you’re a collector, you’re definitely going to want to treat yourself to a piece or two. If you love the blush shades, you’ll want to nab them given how much product you get, the value is there.


Stay posted for Part 2 of the MAC X Robert Lee Morris Collection, which will cover the lipsticks. It’s going to have a fabulous giveaway in it! Coming to the blog soon…



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  1. What a unique and beautiful collection, I will be purchasing a few of the products from the collection, thank you so much for your review ?.

  2. Oh my!!!! That packaging is really stunning!! Highlighter & that brush are def my favourites & thank you so much for swatching

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