PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Review

Getting My Skin Baby-Ready with PMD Beauty

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With Baby B scheduled to show up in just 9 short weeks (EEEK!) I’ve been thinking more and more about my skincare/beauty routine and what I am really going to have time for. Any new mom will tell you they are lucky to get a morning shower in! While I adore the ritual of putting on my makeup, I’ve been thinking more about how I can get my skin in the best condition I can so that I feel a bit more confident going fresh faced and spending that time with baby girl instead. Something that has always irked me with my skin is that my dry dehydrated skin shows texture and often looks dull. So when I got the chance to work with PMD Beauty to try out Personal Microderm in the comfort of my own home, it seemed serendipitous! 

If you aren’t familiar with microdermabrasion, it is a process of exfoliation that removes dead, dull skin cells. The PMD Personal Microderm uses suction to increase circulation and trigger the skins natural healing process, therefore boosting collagen and elastin in the skin. Basically, the long-term results one could expect are minimized pores, diminished fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots. Of course, you can spend megabucks on this in salons and spas, but Personal Microderm appeals so much more to me being that it is something I can use in the privacy of my own home, at my own convenience! 

So when you purchase PMD Beauty’s Personal Microderm, you get everything you need to start as a complete beginner to microdermabrasion, which is exactly what I wanted needed. I always had visions that getting microdermabrasion done was like literally sanding your face (ok, so I have an overactive imagination!) and PMD Beauty has made it user-friendly to use! You start with the white training disc, pull the skin taut and smoothly and fluidly glide the device over your skin in an upward fashion. Then you just give your skin a gentle cleanse and follow with calming toner and nourishing moisturizer as per your usual routine! 

PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Review

I’ll be trying this out for the next few weeks and you can expect a follow-up post from me then. In the meantime, I will leave you with this stunning before picture (seriously, yikes!). I have some redness and patchy discolouration in my skin that is no doubt from my tanning bed years of my youth and hormonal breakouts on my chin. I would like to even that out as well as crack down on some early fine lines that are showing up around my eyes and a stubborn wrinkle on the one side of my nose.  

I look forward to seeing my results and progress and sharing it with you all! (Update, want to see my results? Check it out here!) If you have any questions or concerns you would specifically like me to address in the next post please leave a comment.

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