5 Things I've Learned Being Pregnant
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Pregnancy | 5 Things I Know Now

5 Things I've Learned Being Pregnant

When I found out I was finally pregnant after a loss and months and months of trying, I felt like I had a pretty decent idea of what I was signing myself up for (I mean, hello – that’s what the internet is for!). I was am adamant about keeping an open mind, rolling with the punches and just accepting that life during pregnancy was going to continue to surprise me. In all honesty, I think that mindset has helped me enjoy it as much as possible and not be riddled with worry about whether every new feeling and symptom was normal or not. Having said that, there are just some things that you read about or hear from friends that can’t really prepare you until you’re there. Some were surprising, some slightly horrifying, and some had me saying’ “Oh god, I never thought I would be like that“.


“Why hasn’t my belly button popped out?”

-this and other bizarre questions you might be googling whilst pregnant.

30 Weeks Pregnant with a Girl


1. TUMS will become your best friend. You will go through phases of actually liking the taste, then loathing, then liking it again. You will keep them everywhere and panic when the bottle gets low. 

2. Baby moving will be the most comforting feeling you didn’t know you needed to feel… until she kicks you in the bladder. But seriously, feeling baby move is crazy/weird/awesome and the urge to constantly rub your belly is real. 

3. Fibre is your friend. That is all.

4. You will grunt, sigh or let out a huff every time you need to get off the couch/out of the car/out of bed. Somehow it makes getting get up easier even though I am sure it doesn’t actually.  

5. Your google search history will read like the most hilarious/embarrassing/horrifying diary entry ever. Things like “Why hasn’t my belly button popped out?” and “Does every woman’s belly button pop during pregnancy?” might have your spouse chuckling. But then there are the, “Are my nipples supposed to look like….?” and, “Do most women                   during childbirth?” queries that might have them looking a bit like the wide-eyed emoji. Good thing for the google app on your phone, am I right???


If you aren’t pregnant or have never been so, you might not enjoy this post. I have a feeling there are women out there reading this going, “oh yeah, I remember/try to forget that part!” though! It truly is a crazy adventure I feel privileged to get to go on, crazy google search history and all. Feel free to leave some of your fun pregnancy anecdotes in the comments below!

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    1. Oh I am dealing with a dress code as well (must wear black slacks) and it’s been hell. Trying to find black dress pants in a maternity fit in the middle of the summer when I finally couldn’t fit my regular ones with a belly band was an absolute nightmare.

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