My Experience with Laser Hair Removal at NuAge Laser in Vancouver : Part 1

My Experience with laser hair removal, NuAge Laser Vancouver
I had always had one opinion about Laser Hair Removal, and that was that it must hurt like a bitch. I think that is a really common (mis)conception regarding the process of ridding body hair via laser, and I fully admit I never thought about getting it done purely for my wimpy tendencies and desire to not break the bank (my 2nd thought when hearing about the process in the past). So when the super lovely Ellie from NuAge Laser in the heart of Coal Harbour in Downtown Vancouver, contacted me and asked if I want to give it a go, I plucked up all my courage and took a leap – and now I can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner!

When I told my girlfriends I was getting the opportunity to get some laser hair removal (I’m going to refer to it as LHR for the rest of this post), everyone said the same thing: “But doesn’t that hurt so much??”. In fact, I even came across a few that had dabbled with LHR in the past, and commented along the lines of, “Oh I tried that in the past, but it was too painful!” – but here’s the thing folks, it doesn’t have to be torture!
When I got to my consultation with Ellie, the first thing I mentioned to her was that I am a total wimp when it comes to pain. She nodded and smiled and assured me that she would take good care of me, and she certainly has. Right from the moment I sat down, she got out her iPad and drew a diagram of how the hair on our body grows, how lasers penetrate the hair shaft to the follicle and over time, destroy the follicle so no more hair grows. She also explained that laser technology has grown immensely in the last decade, now with four types of devices (IPL, Diode, Alexandrite and Nd:YAG) and that NuAge actually has a medical grade system that has all FOUR types of devices. While some may have had very painful laser experiences in the past, it was likely due to one type of laser being used for a multitude of treatments. With access to all four devices, Ellie can custom create a treatment for her clients that has her making sure our pain is never more than a “3 out of 10 (10 being childbirth)”. The other major benefit of choosing a laser technician who has access to all four devices? They can remove hair on all hair and skin colours! During my consultation, Ellie also went over exactly what I want from my treatment, and how to prep properly (here’s a hint, you want to get the closest shave you can right before treatment to get the least amount of discomfort!).
My Experience with laser hair removal, NuAge Laser Vancouver
So I know you’re all dying to ask: “Jaime, where were you getting hair removed?” – this is where it might get a bit TMI folks! I decided on getting my underarms and bikini line done, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision and in fact, I badly want to get my legs done now! The thought of eliminating that dark shadow that is permanently under the arms when you are brunette (holla dark haired girls, I know you feel the pain of this too!) was SO exciting to me. It takes all over 10 minutes for Ellie to work her laser of choice over my underarms, with my pain generally at a 1 or 2. When I mention pain, it is nothing like this whole ‘snapping elastic bands’ thing I’d heard for years – honestly, it’s a little prick and it’s done.
Now, when we’re talking about the bikini area, things get a little more sensitive for sure. I am not going to lie to you all and say it’s painless because it simply isn’t – but is it totally manageable and over before you know it? You betcha. If you’ve been one of those fearless types that has waxing done in the nether regions, this will be an absolute breeze for you! If you are super sensitive, like yours truly, Ellie even has a selection of numbing gels that you can apply to prep the area. The benefit of this is that it lets Ellie ramp up the laser strength with no crazy ouchie pain for you! Oh, and if you’re painfully shy like me, I encourage you to go see Ellie if you’re in Vancouver; LHR in very private places might make you feel anxious, but Ellie makes you feel like you’re sitting there having a gossip sesh with your best girlfriend. I’ve always been an incredibly private person when it comes to my body, and I have never once felt uncomfortable (which is necessary, because there is a certain amount of leg positioning that goes on!)
It does take several appointments over the course of time to get to optimal hair-free levels, but I can say that I have had 4 sessions on my underarms, and 3 on my bikini line and the difference is INSANE. I barely need to remember to shave my underarms now (yes you can still shave in between visits – no awkward hair growth period like with waxing!) and the hair is so fine and sparse that it’s barely noticeable where it does still grow in. The same goes for my bikini line, which the growth has slowed down significantly. As a dark brunette, I can’t tell you how freeing it is to not have to feel the desire to shave almost daily!
My Experience with laser hair removal, NuAge Laser Vancouver

I am SO thrilled I took the chance and decided to test out Laser Hair Removal with Ellie at NuAge – she’s been an absolute dream to work with. Scheduling appointments is a piece of cake, you can even do it right online, and they send text message confirmations for easy tracking on your phone! While I have been lucky enough to have my sessions on the house, you guys I am telling you I was blown away by how affordable LHR is! You can book your free consultation online, and NuAge has 0% financing to make it easier (which breaks it down to about the cost you would spend on razors and shaving cream each month, honest).To sweeten the pot even more, they have a Loyalty Program, as well as a Referal Program – so make sure you let them know when booking that you were referred by Jaime at GirlLovesGloss.com so that you can get a $50 Gift Certificate to use towards your laser treatment of choice!


Let me know what your thoughts and questions are about Laser Hair Removal in the comments below. There will be a part 2 to this post, which will answer and other questions as well as track my final progress! In the meantime, here’s Ellie explaining the process a bit more – isn’t she a total babe?







*This post is in collaboration with NuAge Laser. I was fortunate enough to receive the aforementioned services free of charge, but would never recommend something I wouldn’t pay for myself. I’m thrilled to have met Ellie and I know you will all adore her as well!


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