My Teenage Beauty Wishlist Come True | Hard Candy Nail Polish

hard candy 20th anniversary nail polish in sky

If you were a teen or older in the 90’s you’ll probably remember the original Hardy Candy Nail Polishes. They came in a slew of candy colours, complete with a very 90’s appropriate plastic/rubber ring on the neck of the bottle that generally corresponded with the shade. In fact, if you read one of my early posts about teenaged beauty loves  you might remember me mentioning them. Imagine my surprise when I made a random trip to Walmart the other day and found out that Hard Candy had re released a bunch for their 20th anniversary!?

Naturally, my first thought was: “that couldn’t have been 20 years ago, could it?” only to horrify myself with the answer. Secondly, I immediately reached for the shade ‘Sky’ – the very shade my 13 year old self drooled over many moons ago. Back then, Hard Candy just did nail polishes and they weren’t cheap. I remember finding them in a boutique shop for $12 a piece and thinking that was ludacris! 

So when I saw them priced at $3.97 I knew I needed to pick up the baby blue shade that I’d mostly likely only wear a handful of times, simply for nostalgia’s sake (call me crazy)

Tell me I’m not the only one that would jump at the chance to purchase something your teenaged self would have loved? While you think of your teenage beauty loves, I’ll leave you with some appropriate 90’s goodness to enjoy… ‘as if!’



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