The Liquid Lipstick I Can Get Behind: Nars Velvet Lip Glide


I’ve not minced words about my struggles with liquid lipsticks. The often flaking, cracking and downright raisin-like appearance they give my no-longer-20-something-year-old lips just doesn’t do it for me. But they’re all the rage (I feel old using that statement, like saying “it’s what the kids are wearing these days” -eww) and I love the idea of the satin opaque lips. Enter in NARS Velvet Lip Glides; Super comfortable, gel-like in texture, with a stunningly smooth look. I’m hooked. 


Formula, Finish, Pigmentation & Wear Time

It seems every brand under the sun has created a liquid lipstick, with it being possibly one of the biggest trends I can remember in terms of formula, ever. There are some good ones, but there’s plenty of really awful ones. Thankfully Nars did a solid with the Velvet Glides and created something really comfortable to wear. The formula has a gel-like, cushiony feel that feels light on the lips and doesn’t have me worrying about crumbling or flaking – my No1 issue with matte finish liquid lip products.

In terms of pigmentation, I found these applied evenly in one swipe with the only exception being Le Main Bleue, which needed a touch of building to make opaque (worth it, given the stunning nature of the colour!). I’ve come to expect this of darker shades with almost all liquid lip formulas, so there is no surprise there. The finish is is nailed right in the title: Velvet. I find this type of finish so much more forgiving on my lips, and gives them a smooth look without creasing or crinkling.

While these aren’t 100% transfer resistant (the slightest amount transferred to my coffee mug right after application) they don’t seem to give me any issues with bleeding or smearing. I also find that they stick around through a meal well (as I tested out through Mr GLG’s birthday dinner) and wear off in a forgiving way that has me grateful to not be checking front facing camera on my phone every half and hour.


The Shades

I have three shades of the Nars Velvet Lip Glides and I am thrilled with all three. Playpen, a gorgeous ripe peach was an easy pick for me given my undying love for a peach lip; It doesn’t disappoint. Bound is a shade I see being the most popular in the line, with a dusky rosy mauve tone that is completely seasonless. The standout is Le Main Bleue, which is a stunning lilac magenta that is my go to in lieu of a red lip (which I just can’t pull off) when I want to be bold.

Nars Velvet Lip Glide Swatches


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