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Time to Ditch the Eyelash Curler? My Yumi Lash Lift and Tint Experience

Yumi Lash Lift Vancouver

True story: My lashes are my money makers.

Ok, that sounds ridiculous.

A friend once told me that, and it kind of stuck as a joke I like to say.

I get it, I’m blessed to have long (albeit, fine) lashes. Would it be weird if I said that after all the “unique” outer beauty related issues that bother me (painfully fine hair that literally is unable of curling, keratosis pilaris, brachydactyly type D thumbs {I was today years old when I learned the real name for this!}), I feel like I deserve these long lashes? Yeah, that sounds weird. Just saying, I put up with enough, ya know? 

Anyways, my lashes have always nabbed me compliments, and I’ve gratefully accepted them. Oh, but there is one issue… they don’t hold a curl. I’ve been a slave to my lash curler since I was 16 and had no signs of slowing down. That was until last week when I was strolling down the street near my home and stumbled upon HiBrow Ink.


YUMI Lash Lift and Tint at HiBrow Ink In North Vancouver

If you’ve never heard of a YUMI Lash Lift, I’ve got all the details for you.

YUMI is a keratin treatment that involves lifting and tinting your lashes to make them look darker, and like they would after you curled them. The results generally last 8-12 weeks, and it takes about an hour and fifteen minutes for the service. I’ll be sure to update this post when I notice my results have worn out and I can vouch for just how long it lasts on me. UPDATE>> At approx 7 weeks I noticed that the curl had mostly dropped, almost overnight. I’m really happy with the longevity it provided for my near impossible to curl lashes!

I headed over to HiBrow Ink in North Van and the owner Elise talked me through the entire process. She asked me if my hair curled well (Ha! No!) and how I liked my lashes (Standing at attention please!). I told her that my main complaint was that because my lashes were so fine these days (gee thanks postpartum…) that I felt like even when curling them I didn’t have the height I used to. That’s where the tint is an important step of this process!

Elise was amazing explaining each step to me (because you can’t see what’s going on, obvs) and we ended up having the best chat. Don’t you love it when you connect with someone right away? She told me that she also has a few years of microblading under her belt and you can see loads of examples on the HiBrow Ink Instagram page. So I have a sneaking suspicion that might be my next beauty adventure!  


Enough chat, gimme results….

Yumi Lash Lift and Tint Experience HiBrow Ink
Yep, the results are INSANE. These are my lashes right before and right after the YUMI lash lift and tint.

NOTES OF IMPORTANCE: When planning to get your YUMI Lash Lift, remember that you must show up sans makeup and keep your eyes dry for 24 hours after. It was hard for me not cleanse my face that night (obviously, I was bare faced) but it’s important to let the treatment really set. 

Also, I got my lashes really curled up, but you don’t have to go ham as I did. I’m a go big or go home when it comes to lashes and mascara though. 

WOULD I GET ANOTHER YUMI LASH LIFT AND TINT? Heck yes… if it was in my budget. As a stay at home mom with a limited budget, this isn’t something I could treat myself to on the regular, but would definitely save for it for a special occasion. One of the biggest perks for me is being able to pull out mascaras that otherwise would have wilted the curl out of my lashes and living my best life wearing them! Is this what it’s like to have naturally curly lashes? It truly is a dream. 

I’d go back to see Elise in a heartbeat, she was amazingly warm, knowledgable and just gave me those good trusty vibes. You know the ones!

who can benefit from a YUMI Lash Lift?

  • Anyone who wants to ditch their eyelash curler
  • Travellers who are trying to pack minimal or want to go mascara-free
  • Busy new moms that don’t get the time they used to
  • Someone who has naturally sleepy eyes and wants to have the look of an eyelift
  • Those with hard to curl lashes or lashes that don’t hold a curl with mascara (*raises hand*)

Who might not love it:

  • Those who love false lashes may find them harder to apply over a lash lift
  • Those who already have naturally curly lashes (but seriously though, you lucky…)



>>Ever thought about getting your lashes lifted, tinted or your brows microbladed? Leave me your questions, experiences and thoughts in the comments below.<<



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Yumi Lash Lift Vancouver

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