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Lush Ultrabland and Mask of Magnaminty Review
Lush is one of those companies that continues to surprise me with their products. Every time I think I know everything in their range, I find something else that I didn’t know they ‘did’ and find a new reason to fall back in love with them. Recently I’ve tried two of their somewhat cult products for the first time, and let’s just say the results were so good, my wishlist has instantly doubled!

Lush Ultrabland and Mask of Magnaminty Review
Lush Ultrabland and Mask of Magnaminty Review
My skin has been going through a patch of noticeable texture issues, which does seem to be common when the weather changes (Autumn is just on the horizon here). I struggle a bit with how to rectify this, and my first instinct always has me thinking I need to bust out a stronger acid product, but sometimes a good old-fashioned scrub really packs the most punch! I’ve been loving the creamy, tingly feel of Mask of Magnaminty*, which is a mask and scrub in one, that can be used on face and body (love a good double hitter!). What I love even more is that this isn’t one of those masks you have to leave on for half the night; 5-15 minutes and then give yourself a gentle massage which combines with the Aduki Beans for a nice exfoliation without doing all sorts of damage to your skin. The Kaolin Clay helps pull debris and grime from your pores, while honey soothes sensitive skin and my face feels like I’ve just given myself a full spa treatment!
Lush Ultrabland and Mask of Magnaminty Review
My other Lush love probably will come as no surprise to you all, since you know I love a good balm cleanser! Ultrabland, is a beeswax and rose cream balmy cleanser that can remove your makeup and cleanse your skin. I love this on days where I’m feeling sensitive, dry or especially dehydrated or want to treat myself to a good facial massage (something I should make more time for!). Unlike many oil based balm cleansers, this does not turn into an oil or emulsify with the contact of water, so a warm washcloth is a must for removal. Behind it leaves soothed, calm skin, but I recommend going in with a toner afterwards to remove any residue that might cause issues for those with complexions prone to clogged pores. I had worried when I bought my pot that I would be using loads to get my makeup off, but a little bit really does go a long way!
Lush Ultrabland and Mask of Magnaminty Review
So after falling in love with both of these complexion based offerings from Lush, I’m growing my wishlist to try more skincare from the brand. Previously I had always loved their bath and body products (Rose Jam is one of my favourite things of life!) but now I want to know what I should try in terms of facial skincare, so please leave your recs in the comments below!
Current Wish List:

Angels on Bare Skin – a cult classic that everyone seems to love!
Pink Peppermint – because I work on my feet for 8+ hours a day, so these little tootsies could use some pampering!
More of the fresh face masks – let me know what your favourites are!






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