I wasn’t born with the biggest eyes in the world (although, my mother will tell you otherwise) but I’ve learned over the years a few tips and tricks to make my eyes really pop. Here’s five of my favourite products that never let me down getting that bright as a daisy doll eyed effect.

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First thing’s first – you have to pick a shadow that contrasts with the colour of your eyes and makes them pop. I usually reach for L’Oreal’s Amber Rush (no stranger to GLG read about it and ) because the rosy gold tone makes the green in my eyes do something special. The key here is to pick something not too dark, and that has some luminosity. 
Then I line my lower waterline with my all time favourite nude pencil, Mac Chromagraphic Pencil in nc15/nw20. This stays on longer than any I’ve tried and really brightens up the eyes. (Check out to compare it to Rimmels Nude and for a drugstore dupe)
Now the tricky part for some – a swoop of winged liner. I’m thinking about making a post (or possibly a video?) on how I do mine, but in theory you want some liner on those lashes that gets a little thicker on the edges, this really helps extend the eyes. I prefer the Urban Decay Cream Liner in Perversion you can read my review on it ) because its nice and black, matte and stays all day until I take it off. 
Finally, possibly the most important step – lashings of mascara. For the top you know I love L’Oreal’s Butterfly Mascara in the waterproof version, its well mentioned here on GLG. For lower I only reach for Mac Extended Play Mascara – it’s skinny mini wand makes getting all those fine little lashes a piece of cake and it stays on all day without smearing or smudging. For me, it beats Cliniques Bottom Lash any day of the week!

Mac extended play mascara
Bigger Eyes Winged Liner Mascara Mac Cosmetics Urban Decay L'Oreal
Extreme Closeup! Eek!

Let me know what products or techniques you love for making your eyes appear big and bright, and if you try any of these products or techniques, I’d love to know!

Leave a comment below if you would like to see how I do my winged liner!

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