Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops: The Hyped Up Highlighter You Might Need

CoverFx Custom Enhancer Drops Review and Swatch
Oh boy, do we have a winner on our hands with this one folks. If you’ve been hiding behind a dial-up connection for the last month or so, you may have missed the launch and subsequent hype behind the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops. With YouTubers and Beauty Bloggers raving about these little bottles of pure glow, I knew it was something I needed to try and let me just tell you, they completely lived up to the hype.

With the highlighting/strobing/bathing-in-shimmer trend going nowhere, brands have been pushing the envelope to create new ways for us to be seen from space courtesy of our highlight. I’ve tried other liquid highlighters, but nothing has every given the buildable intensity that the Cover Fx Custom Enhancer Drops do. You can get everything from a little glow to a metallic glam, and the finish is out of this world beautiful.
 CoverFx Custom Enhancer Drops Review and Swatch
In true Cover FX fashion, you can use these in a multitude of ways: apply over your base or add them to your primer, moisturiser or foundation. There are 6 shades, 4 of which are classified as illuminators, and 2 are bronzers. I got the shade Moonlight (a pale rose champagne), which I am guessing might be the most popular in the range given the fact that it has been sold out everywhere a couple of times. I would recommend you sign up for email notification for this on Sephora if it is sold out, here, so that you get notified when it returns because something tells me this is going to be hard to keep in stock!
The texture of the Custom Enhancer Drops is super liquid and feels like a dry oil formula. Housed in a glass bottle with pipette/dropper dispenser, you can use as little or as much as you want. It spreads and blends beautifully, but I recommend for best application, popping a drop on the back of your hand/palette and then using a dense flat top brush to pat it into the skin. I originally attempted to apply with fingertips but found it looked more flawless with a flat brush. This gives a stunning sheen to the skin that doesn’t catch on dry patches, or look crepey on fine lines or skin texture, and if you want, you can build it up to full opaque metallic coverage (as seen in the blended out swatch above!)
I was so impressed with how smooth and radiant this looked, that I immediately brought it to the attention of Mr. GLG, who agreed that it looked “really pretty” and not frosty at all. Given that I have dry skin and highlighting powders often enhance pores/lines/texture on my face, as well as the fact that it wore for 8 hours before fading slightly, I would consider this product totally worth the hype! 

CoverFx Custom Enhancer Drops Review and Swatch

I know there have been a few complaints on the amount of product vs the cost of this ($52 CND), but at half a fluid ounce I find it hard to believe I will be using this up anytime soon! The product goes such a long way per drop, and the payoff is absolutely fantastic meaning you’re getting great quality for dollar amount which I am always happy to pay for. In fact, I’ve already got my eye on with of the bronzer shades…
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