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Diorshow iconic overcurl mascara review girllovesgloss.com
Dior’s Mascara offerings are often loved and raved about, but at the $35 CND price tag I just couldn’t justify the splurge. Then recently I got my paws on a mini version of it and instantly whipped out the camera to do a first impressions review…

Diorshow iconic overcurl mascara review girllovesgloss.com

Diorshow iconic overcurl mascara review girllovesgloss.com

According to Sephora, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara is: “A revolutionary mascara with a curved brush that offers spectacular volume and curling power”. Normally I am very skeptical about mascaras that boast curling effects, because in my experience a mascara can’t curl your hair, but rather can possibly hold a curl already there. 

I can say I was surprised and impressed by this mascara; It’s rare I like a non waterproof mascara purely for the reason of my poker straight lashes needing the quicker drying formula. This managed to hold the curl I put in my lashes surprisingly well. The formula is quite dry but builds nicely which I think might be the reason it holds decently well. You can see in the pictures above my lashes curled sans mascara, with one coat and with two coats. I felt the separation was good, and the length excellent, but would have loved a bit more volume.

As for wear, this didn’t flake or smudge at all, and barely ran down my face during a full teary eyed meltdown (I managed to spill a bunch of epoxy on my brand new carpet and have been trying to clean out the sticky residue since. It’s been rough) It did come right off with water, which surprised me given I didn’t look like a girl in a horror movie when I was mid stress induced meltdown.

So, would I buy it? At $35 CND probably not, purely because I can’t imagine splurging that much on something I generally replace every two months. It would make a lovely treat mascara, or something I would buy if there was a sale, but in general I am a $10 drugstore mascara kinda girl.

Have you tried this mascara? Would you splurge on it?

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